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Bianca Jagger Sets the Studio 54 Record Straight

“It was a beautiful white horse that reminded me of mine......." Continue reading

Rats on Ecstasy Go Gay

The results indicate that putative heterosexual adult male rats can readily develop a conditioned same-sex socio/sexual partner preference....... Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (724): Hollen/ Hector/ Dudley Strangeways/ Pedro Aguiar/ Jules & Moss/ Mirko Loko

6 sublime new Berlin tried and tested club tunes (click to listen......) Continue reading

Russian Dancing Girls Jailed as ‘Petty Hooligans’

St Petersburg lawmaker Vitaly Milonov, the key champion and architect of Russia’s brutal anti-gay legislation, speaks out again..... Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (723): Josh Wink/ Agoria/ LA-4A / Jules & Moss/ Portico/ False Image/ Spencer K & Collective Machine

7 super new tried and tested Berlin club tunes (click to listen....) Continue reading

Quincy Jones Unblurs the Line

Speaking at IMS Engage, Quincy Jones shares his opinion on whether Robin Thicke copied Marvin Gaye on Blurred Lines....... Continue reading

London’s Black Cap Closed by Property Developers

London queer pub the Black Cap was closed without warning last week (April 18) after the venue’s owner reportedly sold it to property developers.... Continue reading

Public Enemy – Enemy of the State

Chuck D on Corplantations, Booty & Thug Television and the Dumbassification of America.... Continue reading

New York Trash Party Promoter Found Dead

East Coast DJ and alternative club promoter Jess Marquis (aka Jess Immler) died last week after posting a final personal message on Twitter in which he asked "What's this from? 'Death is our business. Business is good.'?...." Continue reading

John Truelove – Vote For Me: for PRS (& For Royalties for Electronic Music Producers

“Electronic creators, especially those who don't DJ or perform live are suffering the most from the changes in the music business eco-system. it's really important that policy is changed at places like PRS to help them to earn a proper living from their creativity....." Continue reading

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