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Jamie Anderson on DJing Vs Skateboarding- You Can’t Fake Skateboarding (interview)

“The story generally portrayed in the recent Skateboarding documentaries is about what happened after the good times. When people who had a taste of fame and money had to face their demons . . . . ." Continue reading

New York’s St Mark’s Sad Decline

“The block is not as conducive for fashion shopping as it once was. Now it seems as if it's all food — fast food — and bongs......" Continue reading

Berghain Door Policy Ever So Slightly Explained

Dressing in black and being in beautiful is less important than being open-minded and original to get into Berghain...... Continue reading

Berlin’s After-Hours True Origins

“We had a second whisky, and another one, and that’s when I suggested that we tried to see what happened if we removed the curfew for two weeks......" Continue reading

Russia’s ‘Enthusiasm for Homophobia’ Explained

The Moscow Times suggested this week that rising homophobia in Russia is being provoked by authorities deliberately encouraging gay hatred as a ‘political distraction'....... Continue reading

Techno Godfather Goes Back to School

It was never about trying to make money. It was always about who could play the best records and who had the best reaction from the crowd......." Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (735): Victor Ruiz & K.A.L.I.L./ Alan Fitzpatrick/ Reinhard Voigt/ Gathaspar/ Throwing Snow/ Theo Meier/ Whitehead, Lenny Dee, Frankie Bones

click to listen to seven more Berlin tried and tested club tunes..... Continue reading

41 % of Russians Want to ‘Exterminate’ Gay Culture

".....authorities should persecute people with ‘untraditional sexual preferences’ in order to ‘exterminate the phenomenon’......." Continue reading

Fidelity Kastrow’s 10 Hours in Hammahalle (Sisyphos)

“Thanks to everyone who was part of this magical 7AM till 5PM Mayday marathon . . . ." Continue reading

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