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Telling the Truth (Gary Webb & Ricky Ross)

“Truth is not a major driver of why stories are shared. Think about urban legends. People pass on all sorts of things that aren’t true...." Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (697): Marco Bailey/ Axel Karakasis/ Traumer/ Beesmunt Soundsystem/ Kerb Staller/ Slam/ Maurizio Vitiello

Seven special new Berlin tried and tested club tunes (click to listen.....) Continue reading

RIP Kaos’ Dr Mu

Uber-alternative London club Kaos are hosting an event at Egg’s sister club Apocathery this Saturday as a fundraising party and memorial to much loved underground techno DJ Dr Mu (Saturday October 18)..... Continue reading

GoPro Viral Videos (Argentina Armed Robbery)

“The idea we all want to be famous for 15 minutes – that’s not the problem....." Continue reading

Simon Napier-Bell’s Secrets of Superstar (DJ) Success

“Let's face it - the whole thing is a façade. Being strictly underground is playing safe - you have your niche market and it will keep you in gigs and money to live........" Continue reading

LFO RIP (+ Skrufff interview with Mark Bell from 2004): LFO on Techno, Life and London- It Doesn’t Feel Like England . . .

“I was and am quite happy just making music for myself though when I heard the tape I thought ‘Brilliant, I can give this to Warp and they’ll stop pestering me every two years for new material....." Continue reading

Kraftwerk Case’s ‘Chilling’ Consequences for Sampling

Producers who use samples of anyone else’s master recording, no matter how small and no matter whether they use it commercially or not, risk ruinous legal action..... Continue reading

Lemmy On Getting Old

“You can’t drink anything but water and you can’t eat anything but fibrous bread......" Continue reading

Mark Bell (LFO) RIP

"It's with great sadness that we announce the untimely passing of Mark Bell of LFO......" Continue reading

Danny Tenaglia- DJing Might Be Luxurious But……

“It might be luxurious, and hey, you might get first class every now and then Continue reading

Syndicating Germany Calling?

If you are a radio station interested in broadcasting our weekly radio Show Germany Calling please contact:
Jonty Skrufff @

Jonty Skrufff LIVE on DJ Sounds

Kidnap Kid – ‘Vehl’ [Jonty Skrufff No Mercy Remix]