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Peter Hook Vs Satan

New Order/ Joy Division legend Peter Hook brushes off the Satanism associated with Killing Joke..... Continue reading

DJ Harvey & Levon Vincent-Glasses Half Full . . .

“People love to moan and I’m just not having it. I don’t look back to a time when it was better......" Continue reading

Pink Floyd’s Anti-Capitalist Ethos

        “We need to start chipping away at the idea that somehow socialism lost and capitalism won, and the free market is the answer to everything and everything will work itself out and everybody will live happily ever after. No, it won’t. That’s not going to work.” (Guardian )   Pink Floyd [...] Continue reading

Digital DJs Warned Against Upgrading to Apple’s El Capitan

"We cannot recommend our customers to update to OS X El Capitan . . . ." Continue reading

Ronnie Pickering Vs Martin Shkreli

"We have this instinct that all shame is bad, but that's way too simplistic......" Continue reading

Noam Chomsky’s Recipe For Revolution

“The task of organizers and activists is to help people understand and to make them recognize that they have power that they’re not powerless. People feel impotent, but that has to be overcome...." Continue reading

Steve Albini Vs Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

"I detest club culture as deeply as I detest anything on earth......" Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (745): Patrick Chardronnet/ Matt Sassari/ Sascha Braemer/ Pleasurekraft, Tiger Stripes/ Tanov

Five more fantastic tried-and-tested-in-Berlin club tunes.... (click to listen....) Continue reading

Hedge Fund Manager Proves Evil Exists

The former hedge fund manager who planned to profit by forcing scores of AIDS patients to die agonizing deaths, has back-tracked slightly..... Continue reading

Fidelity Kastrow Releases on Sisyphon

Skrufff/ Sisyphos DJ Fidelity Kastrow releases her first EP on Sisyphos’ new label Sisyphon this week.... Continue reading

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