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‘Maybe Gay’ Homophobes Might Also Become Isis Terrorists

British government Minister Nicky Morgan warned this week that teenage bullies who hate gays could be in danger of being targeted and groomed by older men, keen to convert them to into religious fanatics.... Continue reading

Berlin’s Club Commissioner On Punk & Politics in Clubland

“What makes Berlin’s club scene different? Primarily Berlin’s club owners. The first generation after German Reunification were mainly punks, artists and squatters...." Continue reading

UK Clubland’s Existential Licensing Crisis

“A good example is what happened with the ID scanner. We were in situations where we had to have it on from 7pm on a Friday: that was mandatory......" Continue reading

Classic Philosophy Video Clips (Kierkegaard, Camus, Machiavelli)

Bite sized video clips about the ideas of Kierkegaard, Camus and Machiavelli...... Continue reading

Festival Wrist Band Flesh Eating Risk

'A rough ballpark figure would be that the amount of bacteria that grew on wristbands was about 20 times higher....." Continue reading

Laurent Garnier Vs EDM

“It was awful, because before me there was Jeff Mills — no one danced....." Continue reading

Identifying The Asshole

“The asshole (1) allows himself to enjoy special advantages and does so systematically......" Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (732): Dave Seaman/ Andhim/ Djuma Soundsystem/ Jozif/ Rekord 61/ Dave Nash/ Stephan Bodzin

7 new recommended Berlin club tunes.... (click to listen to them all) Continue reading

Vitaly Milonov (Russia’s nastiest dangerous homophobe) On Games of Thrones)

"Such works and their popularization introduce a new matrix to our minds......." Continue reading

Paris Techno City – Concrete’s Brice Coudert (interview)

"There was a maximum of just five really cool parties per month, and it was always the same few people who were going out. Today you can count more than 15 very good parties every weekend and all of them are packed......" Continue reading

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