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Free Parties and (DIY) Situationism

“As with the Dadaists and Situationists, we thought conventional politics had run its course and that only by confronting the status quo in new ways could we make a difference...... Continue reading

Getting Into Berghain (part 5967)

“The exclusivity of a place that claims to be truly authentic, truly non-corporate, non-sellout seems to go against the age’s democratic spirit......" Continue reading

The New EDM is ‘Deep House’

time to stop using the term 'deep house......' Continue reading

Drink to Get Drunk To Do What You REALLY Want

Drunk people know exactly what they are doing, are more honest and aren't physically disinhibited- they just no longer care so much about consequences....... Continue reading

Scary UK Ghost Caught By the Cops

"The witnesses reported the group engaging in rowdy behaviour and one of them throwing their arms in the air and saying 'woooooo'”. Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (688): Ripperton/ Saso Recyd/ Mondkrater/ Cavaan/ Matt Sassari/ Valentino Kanzyani/ Dronelock

7 more sisyphos tested new club killers...... Continue reading

David Icke Was Right (Videos)

David Icke destroying Terry Wogan (in a superb put down of immature, bullying ‘normal’ Brits and their viciousness towards outsiders..... Continue reading

Steve Aoki & Paris Hilton’s Superstar DJ Tips

EDM icon Steve Aoki has revealed that he uses cake throwing and crowd-surfing in a rubber boat as key artistic elements to enhance the narrative of his carefully crafted DJ sets..... Continue reading

Margaret Thatcher- Spit Here

"Margaret Thatcher and Harold Wilson were major figures in important times and, whatever one's political views, deserve their place in the selection......." Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (676): Pezzner/ Jay Tripwire/ Faded Ranger/ Carlo Lio / Andreas Saag/ Raíz/ Hideo Kobayashi

7 brand new Berlin club cuts..... Continue reading

Syndicating Germany Calling?

If you are a radio station interested in broadcasting our weekly radio Show Germany Calling please contact:
Jonty Skrufff @

Jonty Skrufff LIVE on DJ Sounds

Kidnap Kid – ‘Vehl’ [Jonty Skrufff No Mercy Remix]