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Jailed in Russia Berlin DJ Free Soon (But . . . )

"We take care of needs he as in prison, to keep him healthy, safe and alive......” Continue reading

Gorbals Street Gangs Vs Serial Killer Fred West

“At first, when West arrived in the Gorbals, he was treated as a joke by kids like us......" Continue reading

Q Tips in Ear Permanent Hearing Warning

"Pushing wax in can induce hearing loss........" Continue reading

DJ Justin Jones Vs Female DJs Vs (tech-house) DJ Justin James

"If you are offended by my words, I am sorry that I am not sorry . . . . . ." Continue reading

Robert F.X. Sillerman: Einstein & the Death of EDM

SFX’s bankruptcy announcement is ‘as resonant a sound of the EDM bubble bursting as any......’ Continue reading

Santorum Still Filthy & Frothy

“Santorum drips out -- oh, wait. Sorry. Drops out. Santorum drops out....." Continue reading

RIP Jefferson Airplane guitarist Paul Kantner

60s counter-culture icon and rock star Paul Kantner has died.... Continue reading

Kickstarter Campaign Launched for Divine Monument

Art-lovers in Baltimore have launched an online fund-raising campaign to raise US$70,000 to build an eight-foot tall sculpture celebrating Divine eating shit...... Continue reading

Poppers, Queer Culture & Clubs

"We wouldn’t have had rave, disco or club culture as we know it today without the gay community......" Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (762): Lee Van Dowski/ Marco Bailey / Maelstrom/ Nicole Moudaber / Alterville/ Lauren Lane/ Dansor/ My Cat Snoop

8 exquisite new Berlin tried and tested tech/ underground house tunes (click to listen to them all......) Continue reading

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