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We Are Your Friends Bombs

EDM Hollywood movie We Are Your Friends performs worse than ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven 2’ though slightly better than Delgo and ‘Oogieloves In The BIG Balloon Adventure".... Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (739): +platform/ Stephan Barnem/ Jel Ford/ Pirupa & Ninho/ Charles Ramirez, Stan Garac/ Walker & Royce/ Dreems & Max Schmitt/ Rhytch

Click to listen to eight more tried, tested and selected in Berlin brand new club tunes..... Continue reading

Rave Police Vs Young People (part 253747…..)

“We will maintain a hard line against anyone organising such events and we will prosecute and seize the equipment and vehicles of those found to be involved in their organisation........" Continue reading

Vinyl’s Ritualistic Reality

“Analogue music requires more elaborate ritualized attention. It is routine vs ritual......" Continue reading

Detroit- (Hopefully) Not the New New York

“New York is an overpriced, overrated, overvalued place....." Continue reading

We Are Your Friends- How to be an (EDM) Superstar DJ

Alesso offers essential superstar DJ tips for rocking an EDM arena.... Continue reading

Hardwell in India – ‘World’s Biggest (Charity) Guest List’

“For every 1500 rupees/20 Euros that we raise (after costs are covered for the event), we can nurture one child on the journey from childhood to livelihood, for one year......" Continue reading

Notting Hill Carnival Loses Sancho Panza Sound-System

“It is with heavy hearts we announce our official retirement from Notting Hill Carnival......" Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (740): Walker & Royce/ FEDERICO GRAZZINI/ Miajica/ ONNO / 106er/ Demian Muller/ Luke Solomon

Click to listen to 7 special new tried and tested in Berlin club cuts...... Continue reading

Bob Guccione Jr. & Dave Clarke Vs EDM

“The commodification of music is so complete that artists these days create songs thinking they would make a good car commercial........" Continue reading

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