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Mega-raves- Not As Good As They Used To Be?

“The modern clubbing experience is - with notable exceptions, of course - a procession of anti-climaxes. Clubs really do make you realize that reality very rarely lives up to expectations......" Continue reading

Berlin-Style All Night Warehouse Club Opens in Gothenburg (Nov 1)

“To be able to party all night we’ve formed an association to which only members have access. Therefore, every guest hast to register at least 24 hours before the event to become a supporting member....." Continue reading

Underworld’s Existential Crisis

“I was so fed up and scared. ‘We can’t go on like this. It’s not that it’s all behind me, it just hasn’t happened......." Continue reading

1930s dancing videos

“Careless women never appeal to gentlemen: Don’t talk while dancing, for when a man dances he wants to dance......" Continue reading

Simon Napier Bell: the Dodgy Business of Popular Music: the Beginning . . .

Nobody wanted to hear songs they didn’t know so new songs had to be force-fed to the public. The best way was to persuade top ballad singers to feature them in their concerts. To persuade them they were bribed – from the very beginning, that was the nature of the music business. No song was played till someone was paid....." Continue reading

Paris Hilton: ‘I use a Traktor S4 – and CDJs too’

“My mother always told me it’s not polite to discuss money, but it’s true, I’m very proud. I’ve worked hard. I love music. It’s my passion......" Continue reading

Digweed & Muir- Collaborating with Dystopian Icon John Twelve Hawks (interview)

“The totalitarian states of the twentieth century created elaborate systems of monitoring and control, but the tools of oppression were always the same: humans watched humans and punished those rebels who broke the rules......" Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (698): Nicole Moudaber/ Kyodai/ Re.You/ Fabio Neural/ Deo & Z-Man/ Impellizzeri & Stupia/ Mark Henning

7 more special new Berlin tried and tested tunes..... (click to listen) Continue reading

US Mom Bashes Breaking Bad Dolls

Family values crusader Susan Myers has launched an online petition protesting about Toys R Us’s decision to stock highly collectible figurines of Breaking Bad stars Walter White and Jesse Pinkman...... Continue reading

Rwanda Screens All American Visitors for Ebola

Rwanda's health minister Dr. Agnes Binagwaho confirmed this week that all passengers arriving from America and Spain will have their temperatures taken and be refused entry if they show any sign of fever..... Continue reading

Syndicating Germany Calling?

If you are a radio station interested in broadcasting our weekly radio Show Germany Calling please contact:
Jonty Skrufff @

Jonty Skrufff LIVE on DJ Sounds

Kidnap Kid – ‘Vehl’ [Jonty Skrufff No Mercy Remix]