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Old Street Robbery Machette Warning (London)

"Police have told us that they are riding on mopeds/motorbikes with knives and machetes...." Continue reading

Social Media Killing Stars

"Being a star entails glamour and secrecy......" Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (726): Maxime Dangles/ Lee Van Dowski/ Gaspard de La Montagne/ DkA/ Nitin/ M.A.N.D.Y. / Shinedoe/ Reset Robot

Eight excellent new Berlin tried and tested tunes..... (click to listen) Continue reading

Berlin’s Stattbad Suddenly Shuts Down

Acclaimed underground Berlin nightclub Stattbad was closed without notice this week, forcing party promoters to relocate to brand new party space Birgit and Bier..... Continue reading

Errol Brown- RIP

"Errol Brown MBE passed away in The Bahamas this morning, with his wife Ginette and daughters Colette and Leonie by his side..... Continue reading

Iran Bans ‘Gay’ Spiked’ Hair-styles

Iranian barbers’ union chief Mostafa Govahi has announced an extended ban on ‘homosexual’ and ‘devil-worshipping’ hairstyles...... Continue reading

Skrufff Chart (726): Paul C & Paolo Martini/ Pig&Dan meets Monika Kruse/ Marcman/ Stephan Bodzin/ Johannes Brecht/ Comfort Fit/ Hackman

7 super-groovy tried and tested Berlin new club killers..... (click to listen.....) Continue reading

The Prodigy’s Middle Aged Spread

There comes a point where you don't want to be Uncle Alan at the wedding reception....." Continue reading

Uprisings Against Austerity

“One change that has happened over the past 55 years is that poor people are more and more concentrated with other poor people....." Continue reading

London Club Owners Ally Against Nightlife Crackdown

“The attitude of authorities today is that businesses need to be reigned in and the public have to be limited,” he told the Ransom Note, “Forget cities like Berlin, Paris, Barcelona- London and UK cities are controlled zones. ........" Continue reading

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