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Patrice Baumel’s Big-Up Free Giveaway New Label (interview)

Click on the picture to download the label's first release The Woods



Amsterdam based tech-house type Patrice Baumel is launching a new label EX on which he’ll give away high quality version of his own tracks for free.


Announcing the new project this week, the Trouw resident said he’s making releases free to eradicate piracy (‘you can’t steal something that’s already available for free and in unlimited supply’) and will also refraining from seeking ‘cheesy superstar DJ quotes to hype sales’.


“I trust you enough to have your own taste,” he explained.


Chatting to Skrufff, he sounded confident about his new strategy, disagreeing that it might still be helpful for fans to know what big name DJs are playing and supporting.


I don’t think so at all. These quotes exist in such inflationary quantities that their value approaches zero,” he suggested.


“And then there is the notion of needing someone else’s approval to validate your own choice that sits wrong with me – it has “lack of confidence” written all over it. It cheapens the product and belittles the original artist, all for the sake of a few more sales. Sales techniques like this have no future in my eyes,” he predicted.



Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): What inspired this concept?


Patrice Baumel: “I am inspired a lot by the big changes our society is undergoing right now. The revolution is taking place online. Sharing, getting involved, connecting, voicing your opinion and participating in general is everything. Artificial boundaries, limitation and exclusivity are out the window. Now only the real world has to catch up.


Bloggers like Bob Lefsetz (who gives an incredibly well-informed insight on the changing music industry in his blog) or Seth Godin preach the mantra of giving, adding value and over-delivering. That is exactly what I want to do, add value to people’s lives and connect with like-minded spirits. With a label between me and the consumer of my music, that direct connection is not possible.


I also want to enjoy total artistic freedom and release what I want, when I want. It makes me more manoeuvrable and truer as an artist. I still see some value in working with other labels, friendship being one reason or having a functioning infrastructure that supports bigger projects (like albums). But I truly believe that only absolute top labels can make a difference in that area. Most artists are so well-connected today they can easily spread great music like a virus.”


Skrufff: You’ve written on your label announcement that you’ll be paying ‘world class mastering engineers’ to polish each release, how do you actually plan to fund the label?


Patrice Baumel: “I don’t see the label as a direct, revenue-generating stream of income. I want to build a tribe and reach as many people as possible. For an artist who generates most of his income through performing live, having access to a thriving community is way more important than earning the sort of royalties that are being paid out these days, bar very few exceptions. I gladly pay for the mastering out of my own pocket, it’s a minor expense that will make your music sound better until eternity.”


Patrice’s first track on EX is ‘The Woods- click below to listen and download (either as a 320 kbp or WAV)




Jonty Skrufff:


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