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Serbian Vampire Terrorises Villagers

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Sales of garlic were reportedly ‘booming’ in Western Serbia this week after a local mayor warned that infamous vampire Sava Savanovic could be on the loose in Bajina Basta.


Serbian mayor Miodrag Vujetic urged home-owners to put garlic and holy crosses in their windows after a decrepit water mill he was believed to haunt, collapsed disturbing the much feared bloodsucker.


‘People are worried, everybody knows the legend of this vampire and the thought that he is now homeless and looking for somewhere else and possibly other victims is terrifying people,” mayor Vujetic told reporters, “We are all frightened.‘ (Daily Mail)


Though Bram Stoker popularised vampires with his still gripping novel of Transylvanian beasts Dracula (written in 1897), their documented lineage in Serbia stretches over a thousand years earlier, according to noted historian Beverley Richardson.


“Evidence that a vampire was at work in the neighbourhood included: death of cattle, sheep, relatives, neighbours, exhumed bodies being in a lifelike state with new growth of the fingernails or hair, or if the body was swelled up like a drum, or there was blood on the mouth and if the corpse had a ruddy complexion,” she noted.


“Vampires could be destroyed by staking, decapitation (the Kashubs placed the head between the feet), burning, repeating the funeral service, holy water on the grave, exorcism,” she added ( )






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