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60% of US Students ‘Plan On Owning Guns’




A new survey of the political attitudes American college students has revealed that six in ten are planning to buy firearms as soon as they’ve ‘established their own households.’


The study, carried out by professor Jennifer L. Lawless from the American University and and Loyola Marymount professor Richard L. Fox discovered that 40% are ‘definitely’ planning to get a gun with a further 20% ‘contemplating’ it.


British expat David Harrow (aka Teknova) bought  ‘a nice understated Smith and Wesson police special, a semi-automatic silver grey gun that holds eleven shots, with a smooth action and little or no recoil’ when he moved to LA in 2002 and chatting to Skrufff this week said he’s yet to have second thoughts about getting rid of it.


“I honestly don’t see any big deal about legally owning one gun if it’s locked securely away in a safe place that only you have access to. It takes some skill to use  a hand gun accurately,” said David.


“Of course, it’s not something you need to take to the grocery store or the toy shop. No-one, however,” he added, “needs to own an arsenal of high velocity automatic weapons.”


Subliminal Records star Jorge Jaramillo revealed himself as the proud owner of a 9mm Sig Saeur 228 pistol in an interview with Skrufff in 2006 and seven years on, like David revealed he still owns it ‘safely locked and stored away’.


“I, along with many educated, Americans feel our country is headed on a downward spiral both morally and financially and we may need this for protection, against who?…only time will tell,” Jorge explained.


Currently living in Colombia in the middle of a 2 year hiatus from music, Jorge painted a bleak picture of contemporary USA and his hometown of Miami.


“Hopefully I am wrong, I pray I am wrong but it just doesn’t feel right living in the USA anymore. It doesn’t feel safe. Too much violence, too much depression, too many pharmeceutically drugged individuals, too many mentally ill people, too many un-employed and desperate people.”


“How much do I fear gun control is about social control? Well it has crossed my mind,” he continued, going on to reference the increasing spate of massacres.


“I am just trying to figure out why children, lately, have been the target in these homicides. Something doesn’t feel right in the USA. There is so much violence in the USA and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. I mean REALLY do anything about it,” he said.


“Gun control will not stop the violence, the violent/unstable individuals in our society will still have access to a gun one way or another.”


David Harrow was more nuanced, declaring ‘if you we’re to ask me if I think all weapons should be banned, of course they should, that’s obvious…..isn’t it?’.


“Gun control in the US has nothing to do with social control, it’s about the huge amounts of money that’s made from the sales of weapons, that’s why the legislation for gun control is fought every inch of the way in congress, lobbyists are paid to by the manufacturers ,the same ones who promote that fear in the first place,” he suggested.


“Having a president that isn’t in the pocket of the oil companies or invested in the military has helped though interestingly enough, the most accurate recent figures show that actually less individuals are buying guns here than ever but more people that already own weapons are buying more guns for either themselves or family members and statistics show that people who have a family member who already owns a firearm are more likely to purchase one themselves. Make of that what you will.”


“I don’t think America is any different, any more or less violent, at least LA which is all I can talk about,” David concluded. “But the far right religious groups that dominate the central states are as fucked up crazy as ever, while the Catholic Church carries on feeding on, and abusing the rest.”


Jorge had the last word.


“Thank God I have never had to use my gun, because you know how ‘crazy/ insane/ mentally un-stable’ us ‘gun freaks’ are,” he grimaced.


“The pharmaceutical empires and justice system should be held accountable at some level for these massacres. And the news sources need to get their stories straight. There are still many “holes” in the Sandy Hook reporting,” he suggested.













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