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Alisson Gothz’ Sao Paulo Reports- 100 Clubs Closed by Fire (including D-Edge briefly)






Alisson Gothz: “Just a few days after the tragedy in Santa Maria (where 237 people died in a fire inside a club), the prefecture of Rio de Janeiro is shutting down several clubs and venues that don’t have licenses or aren’t in accordance to the city’s security laws.


More than one hundred venues were closed, including legendary spots like Le Boy, one of the landmarks of Rio’s gay nightlife, and Fosfobox, a well-known hipster/trendy place.


Another 80 venues were shut down in the states of Amazonas, Bahia, Espírito Santo and Santa Catarina. The list of places isn’t restricted to clubs, and even churches and temples are under investigation now.


Most of the irregularities found are the lack of sufficient emergency exits or escape route signs, expired business licenses and the lack of fire extinguishers.


Last week, one of the biggest newspapers in Sao Paulo published an article that started another flaming debate on the Web. With a headline saying “Famous venues without license to function”, the article showed a list of 29 clubs and venues randomly chosen by the newspaper – nine of which didn’t have a license and should not be open.Among those was D-Edge, the world famous electronic music club.


Soon enough, the club issued a press release saying that they have all the documents in order, and everything was a mistake from the journalist, who didn’t research the venue by its real name, “RPG & Bar Dançante LTDA”.  Nevertheless, the club was one of the 26 in a list of venues that the city prefecture was going to shut down last week, accordingly to other newspaper, Folha De Sao Paulo.


D-Edge, however, stays strong and hosts Richie Hawtin this next Friday.





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