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Barefoot Doctor Bit: Do Psychic Vampires Really Exist?

Barefoot Doc- click on the picture for more



Barefoot Doctor: Yes they do. The Buddhists talk about the realm of hungry ghosts; lost souls who don’t know how to access their own energy and have developed the ability to suck it from others; and they’re all around you, wherever you look, no question.


You can spot them easily too because you’ll feel momentarily if subtly cold and frail as you pass by, look in their eyes or spend time in their company. Generally though, as long as you’re sensitive enough to notice what’s going on and remember to keep breathing to replenish your own energy, that should be enough to prevent any serious energy leakage.


The real problem comes when you’re unaware what’s happening and have a pattern of attracting psychic vampires into your life (whether as friends, lovers or colleagues) and find yourself weakening as a result, through no actions of your own.


The key is to avoid focusing on such people too much, and instead of confronting them, simply direct your attention towards breathing slowly and purposefully to generate more of your own energy within. You should also practise visualising yourself at the centre of a giant egg-shaped 3-D energy field that protects you from their force.


This may sound ethereal  but it really works. And at the same time, remain loving and warm, keep your chest relaxed and soft and repeat silently over and over, ‘I wish you peace’. This is the Taoist technique of neutralising harmful energy with love and if practiced faithfully for a couple of days whenever you’re in the vampire’s presence, will cause a profound shift of dynamics.”



Questions by Skrufff.


More psychic vampire stuff: (Be particularly vigilant with people who know the effect they’re having. . . .Such a person won’t hesitate to use you for their own ends and to discard you when you work out what’s going on. However, rather than fearing such a situation, you owe it to yourself to not be gullible or blindsided by such a person; always stay alert to any signs of a person trying to control you by wearing you down and listening to your gut feeling about not wanting to follow through on anything such a person suggests . . . ‘)

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