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Barefoot Doctor’s Meaning of Life (interview)

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Taoism healer and Skrufff contributor the Barefoot Doctor found himself wired up to a life support machine in an isolation ward in Ibiza in 2011, and chatted to Skrufff about his experiences soon after he’d fully recovered. Typically philosophical, he nevertheless admitted to feeling more than a little fear.


“I’ve become a lot more relaxed about being alive, a lot more willing to take risks and play the fool and a lot more willing to let go and roll with the flow (and flow with the roll) – the whole experience had a deeply healing effect on me,” said Barefoot.


“I was half a breath away from dying three times in two weeks – it felt very familiar as if I’ve always been there, or as if that place has always been there, waiting,” he mused.


“It felt a little like I imagine the realm of angels – warm and friendly yet quite serious and I was in no hurry to stay there in fact, I felt huge fear,” he admitted.


“I didn’t want to go there for good yet – but I had no regrets or doubts – in fact the opposite – if that had been my time, I remember thinking ‘it’s been a grand life anyway, I’ve already had my money’s worth’. And I had no doubts about the philosophy or practice I’ve preached – it’s that which kept me alive for sure,” he said.


“Following these near death experiences I’ve learned to stop worrying even more, because there’s no point, to enjoy each second more and more, even though I knew that anyway,” he repeated,


“And also to focus more on the whole point of being here which is to contribute something as big and wonderful as can be.”


Interview by Skrufff.


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