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Berliners Protest to Save the Berlin Wall (Sunday March 3)

Save the East Side Gallery demonstration; 14.00 Sunday (click for more information)


300 activists succeeded temporarily in delaying plans by property developers to build luxury flats on the site of the death strip in Central Berlin this week, after the developer’s contractors began dismantling sections of the East Side Gallery section of the Berlin Wall.


Builders managed to remove just one section of the iconic Wall before enough protestors arrived to persuade police to close off the street, though activists have now launched a second planned protest for Sunday afternoon to keep up pressure on the property speculators.


A petition labeled ‘No luxury residential development on the former death strip’ also attracted over 30,000 signatures rapidly, as news of the luxury development spread.


“Berliners, part of the listed East Side Gallery are yet to be demolished and converted this March! Why? The reason is because a luxury residential development of the former death strip directly behind the East Side Gallery,” the petition says.


“The East Side Gallery is one of the few sections that were retained after the demolition of the wall that are still original. It is a historical witness of the division, and a monument of history,” the statement continues.


“Now, parts of the East Side Gallery are to be demolished. The demolition, which is scheduled for this March, makes space for 45 luxury condominiums (changed from 50, Source: Immobilien Zeitung) for 2700-7800 euros per square meter (Source:


On the former death strip behind the East Side Gallery, the construction of a 14-storey, 63-meter high tower is planned. The construction project is to be implemented by the contractor Vogtländer Maik Uwe Hinkel and Berlin investor who trades under the name “Living Bauhaus”, but have nothing to connect with the legacy of the Bauhaus: Instead of public housing they create luxury property.


The construction of a tower in the area of Media Spree violates the successful vote of the citizens ‘decision’ SPREE SHORE FOR ALL! ” by 2008 that there will ever be no skyscrapers! And: As a symbol of the division of Berlin, the East Side Gallery is a historical monument since 1991.” (Eastside Gallery Demolition delayed)











Petition of
Alliance East Side Gallery Rescue

UPDATE: We are calling for Wall Parade! This Sunday, 14 clock on the East Side Gallery. There are numerous celebrities, Mr. Wowereit is requested, bring two spoons and other demonstration materials. More info.

+ + + The protest of 300 people has been successful and has first obtained a building freeze. We set up our claim to Berlin’s Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, as only he stop the demolition of a moratorium still can. Who wants to call on Mayor Wowereit, can do so here: 030 – 9026 – 3000. Please be friendly. + + +

We agree with the demands of Christian Goiny, MdA, spokesman for domestic media and the CDU:

First The East Side Gallery must be preserved.

Second The area between the wall and must not be built on Spree.

Third Senate District are invited to examine a building and planning and implementing stop.

4th Senate and district must report to Parliament shortly on the legal and bauplanerische situation.

5th As far as land is still in possession of the country, is the inclusion in category 4 – check – areas of development target spot.

6th Investors with questions about possibly being a land exchange to negotiate.

7th Senate and district must immediately arrange a comprehensive conservation for the East Side Gallery.

8th Senate and the House of Representatives District must submit full reports on these issues before Easter!


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