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Italoboyz Turn 10

Italoboyz (10 years ago)- click for more


London tech-house maestros Italoboyz (aka Marco Donato and Fedrico Marton) are celebrating their ten years as a duo with new releases on Nic Fanciulli’s label Saved (Hi-Fi) and their own label Superfiction Recordings (Episode #03- ‘Unquenchable Woman’).


Marco from the duo chatted to Skrufff recently about their experiences making music which lead to them breaking through internationally when Ricardo Villalobos started playing their first self produced track Viktor Casanova/


“Our first release is dated 2005 I think, and at the beginning we worked in the studio with other people, whose invaluable help has allowed us to start putting out something that had our idea at the bottom,” he recalled.


But it’s never the same, until you really are in full control of it. Which happened properly with Viktor Casanova, in 2007.”


“It was a process. Initially you look at how other people produce, you try to learn tricks and in general you get into the mood of working on music. But then you end up with your own way which, in our case, is quite personal, or at least, is very much different from the approach that we have personally experienced with all the people we have worked with in the past,” said Marco.


“When Ricardo Villalobos started supporting Viktor Casanova it really made a huge change,” he continued.


“Before that track, we were known mostly by ‘music nerds’ only, then we made that release which was a crossover, and the funny thing was that that record was initially meant to be just a ‘tool’ for our DJ sets. We always had a passion for particular vocals, so at the beginning we were using it during our DJ sets only.


Then we noticed that the track was working really well, so we gave it, via our agent, to Ricardo Villalobos, who at the time was the man of the moment (not that now is less, but that was the time of the remix of Depeche Mode’s Sinner in Me) and he started playing that track every-time and there was a huuuuge buzz around that track- everyone was convinced that it was his latest production.” (Viktor Casanova, youtube)



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