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North Korea Defines ‘Approved Socialist Hairstyles

Live at Pushca, London (2005) (click to listen to live in Moscow; 2005)



Officials in North Korea have published a fresh photogallery of politically correct hairstyles which limits men to hair length of less than 5cm while women are allowed to have cropped heads or wear curlers and perms if married.


Telegraph columnist Tim Stanley suggested the new ruling indicated that North Korea ‘gets a little madder every day’, adding ‘it seems tyrants hate long hair’.


“Moreover, it’s all a useful reminder that long hair has always been a potent force for liberty,” he continued, “Schools, armies and tyrants generally hate it, seeing it as a mark of disorder or individualism.” (Telegraph: )


Details of the new haircare regime emerged 8 years after the notoriously extremist communist country accused long-haired men of being ‘unhygienic anti-socialist fools’ who are ‘blind followers of bourgeois lifestyle’ in a TV broadcast featuring long haired local layabouts. One such character, Mr Ko Gwang Hyun, was singled out for having unkempt hair over his ears.


“We cannot help questioning the cultural taste of this comrade, who is incapable of feeling ashamed of his hair style,” the station commentator declared, “Can we expect a man with this dishevelled mind-set to perform his duty well?” (Independent, South Africa: )






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