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Tim Sheridan Bats For Brixton- March 23 (interview)


“We aren’t saying Brixton is the next hot spot we are saying PLEASE go to Dalston- Dalston is cool, man! We want the serious clubbers who aren’t interested in the latest label. We are the people who want to get away from clueless hipsters.”


VeryVeryWrongIndeed chief Tim Sheridan chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming party ‘True South’ and said he’s hoping its Brixton location will prove a major plus point with so many clubs being shut down in recent years.


“It’s getting now so johnny-come-latelies are going to Shoreditch or Dalston with nothing in mind, they just cruise about in packs trying to absorb some credibility points like the ghosts from Pacman but in jeggings,” Tim suggested,


“Brixton isn’t deserted in the day and full of wannabes at night it’s just itself and has been for a very long time.”


Next Saturday’s party, headlined by Rocky X Press 2, Colin Dale, Tim and Frank Tope) takes place at Brixton Jamm on Brixton Road, so does Tim give any credence to the area’s long held reputation for gangs and street crime?


Nah. You can get mugged anywhere,” he points out, “that sort of reputation is for tourists. You just don’t see it. I’d rather be on Brixton’s streets on a weekend than any provincial city centre when the pubs close. Now THAT is scary,” he laughs.


“Brixton does share a thing with New York where it can kind of smell your fear, if you are scared you will attract trouble and if you are not affected it passes you by. I also think just plain old-fashioned racism is a large part of it. If you are racist you feel surrounded. Even if that racism is only latent. If you aren’t intimidated by colour then that crazy guy looking at you is just eccentric not dangerous. You know his name and see him every day. He’s a person.


The thing about here is it is very much a community. That is unusual in London where the sheer size and numbers make that difficult. As with any kind of community it’s very nice to be in it, perhaps a little intimidating from the outside. That can just as easily apply to a cricket club in Hertfordshire.”



Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): So why are you trying to get Brixton on the house map again?


Tim Sheridan: “It’s not just me. There is Frank Tope who is well known for the connection to Rooty and the Jaxx crew and David Minns who does Grin Recordings. It’s just about keying into something that is already there not doing anything new. Also I am very old and for once I want to be able to walk home from work hahaha!”


Skrufff: why do you think Brixton has been superceded by East London for parties & clubs in recent years?


Tim Sheridan: “Everywhere has been, not just Brixton. It’s not dissimilar to the ‘Madchester’ thing 20+ years ago or even Liverpool and The Beatles. A district has its time as a fad. All the clueless industry types have to have things neatly boxed off or they might actually have to do some work. So for a year anything connected to Manchester is hot. For a while Brixton was when Basement Jaxx started here. But when the lens of the industry moves away Liverpool, Manchester… Brixton, they are still there. Getting on with it.


Skrufff: What is it with you and Brixton; it seems to always draw you back?


Tim Sheridan: “My mortgage hahaha! Apart from 8 years in Ibiza I’ve been in Brixton since 1989. It’s my home. I have lived briefly in a lot of places but Brixton just feels right. It’s been a place for outcasts for a very long time. I should say we are trying to be about ‘South London’ rather than exclusively Brixton. You have to understand it’s one of the largest cities in the world, cut almost exactly in half by a mighty river. There are a LOT of people in South London and I suspect some of them might like House Music hahaha! This is for you.”


Skrufff: How are you gonna’ make your party extra special?


Tim Sheridan: “In the simplest way possible. The DJs and the music. I’ve been doing this nearly 30 years now so I have the advantage of being able to say to some DJ mates “come help me out mate” and get access to some talent that might be harder to get for others. I’ve always operated on a premise that yeah of course if you pay a DJ enough money and then charge the people lots to get in… go to a big venue… easy. But those gigs are a bit shit really hahaha! sorry.


Needs to be a killer sound system in an intimate space with a DJ that you might not ordinarily see in a venue that small. You need to be able to see the beads of sweat on them. Also we have the cachet of appealing to DJ friends who have an affection for or are from South London. I mean if I do say so myself any one of the main acts on our bill could headline a club. We have 5. Bottom line is for 8 quid you can see something other people will charge 30 euros for in Ibiza. I know it doesn’t sound very special but if you are poor right now and you love House I reckon that is good news innit? It can cost you £80 just in taxis to go from South London to East on a night out. £80 buys a lot of fun in Brixton.”



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