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Wall Street Traders Turn to Hillbilly Heroin

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Huge numbers of nervous investment bankers struggling with depression and anxiety are turning to prescription painkillers such as Vicodin to cope, the New York Post reported this week.


Commenting on a new study which revealed that six out of ten Wall Street executives are suffering ‘serious stress’ having to handle with work environments often ‘driven by money, lust, power and control issues, and betrayal and deception’, the Post said record numbers are becoming addicted.


“The two-martini lunch from the ‘Mad Men’ era has turned into the two- and three- Xanax lunch, or the two- or three-Vicodin lunch,” addiction specialist Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, director of The Dunes East Hampton clinic told the Post.


“Many might find it difficult to believe that people who run hedge funds or run multimillion-dollar businesses can be full-blown drug addicts and alcoholics. Yet I’ve had clients from these professions,” he added (New York Post: ).


Details of the elite financiers’ latest hobbies emerged as the latest Global Drug Survey singled out a new demographic of high achieving high functioning narcotics users in Australia, who they labeled as ‘the respectable drug taker’.


While the Australian study noted that many also used prescription pills, study chief Dr Adam Winstock said high quality coke was the main drug of choice amongst typical respectable drug takers, with 20% of 6,600 admitting to using it in the last year, in particular higher quality ‘luxury cocaine’ retailing at around AUS$400 a gram (320EUR).


”It’s a luxury item here,” Dr Winstock explained. ”People who’ve got lots of money use coke and if you’re on benefits and doing crime, you do crystal [methamphetamine].‘ (Canberra Times: )











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