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Barefoot Doctor Bit: What’s the Best Way to Handle People You Dislike?


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Barefoot Doctor: “At a certain stage of personal development, you learn to transcend personal preferences and to value every encounter, whether pleasant or not, to appreciate each experience as something precious, simply because it constitutes your life at that moment and you value your life.


This stage tends to occur around the time you come to terms with your mortality and realise you’re going to die one day and you don’t know when, hence you suddenly wake up and start appreciating what time you do have left.


In this state of kind you won’t bother wasting precious energy on upholding dislikes – you’ll instead train yourself to see beneath the surface disguise of everyone you encounter (the surface being the level you find things to like or dislike about the person) – straight to their underlying ineffable spirit.


However, even at this stage of enlightenment, there will still be some people you resonate with and some you definitely don’t. When you don’t resonate with someone ie you find yourself disliking them, no matter how much you see into their shining spirit within, then simply effect things so you can move out of their orbit – don’t hang around in other words – that particular Buddha’s message was simply too bitter to swallow at the time and more training is required before you’re able to keep an open heart around them.”




Questions by Skrufff.


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