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Giorgio Moroder’s Early Bird Ethos

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Seminal disco legend Giorgio Moroder revealed that he’s recently started DJing in an interview with Red Bull Music Academy, this week in which he also admitted he rarely went out clubbing during his 70s creative peak.


“Well, I did go to some clubs, but I’m not really a night person,” he told Red Bull’s Todd Burns.


“I worked until 10, 11, 12 at night, and I was kind of tired. You hear all day long the same – well, not the same – but the heavy rhythm… I was happy to go home and relax,” he admitted. ( )


His recollections differed markedly from fellow disco pioneer Jean-Marc Cerrone, who during the same era made the most of the opportunities worldwide hits including Supernature brought to the then 20 something Frenchman, including partying at New York’s Studio 54.


“The balcony was the place where people were partying very often with their pants (or more) out. But actually, Studio 54 was really the ‘preparation’ phase’ the most physical and intense part of the night was always afterwards at after-parties in the City. I have really intense memories of Andy Warhol’s after-parties at his apartment,” Cerrone told Skrufff in an interview in 2011.


“Sure I was a regular at Studio 54, but I have to say my memories are really not for telling there is a parental advisory sticker on them,” he added.


“All I will say is that I didn’t write very many songs when I was there, I was too busy learning about other things connected to sex and other things that were illegal.”


He also downplayed any rivalry between him and Giorgio at the time.


 “Actually, there has never been a real competition between us, in fact, our productions were always really different: Moroder’s were really more ‘song’ oriented (e.g. Donna Summer) while mine were more ‘dance floor’ oriented.


Our main similarity was that we were two Europeans producers selling so many records in the world and imposing this new style; music for discothèques.”



















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