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Peter Rauhofer Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

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Hundreds of fans have posted messages of support for Peter Rauhofer this week, after the manager of the Grammy winning US based Austrian producer revealed he is seriously ill.


“As Peter Rauhofer’s manager and dear friend for many years, it is my sad duty to announce that Peter was rushed to the emergency room several weeks ago. After confirming that Peter had a seizure, further testing has revealed a large brain tumor, something that has gone undiagnosed for quite some time,” he wrote on Peter’s official Facebook page. 


“At this time, Peter’s family is working closely with a team of talented Neurologists to determine the overall best treatment option. Please be assured that he is getting the absolute finest care possible, twenty-four hours a day.”


While for non-malignant ‘benign’ Grade 1brain tumors, doctors can often surgically remove them allowing patients to fully recover, the prognosis for Grade 4 malignant tumors is bleak, according to British organization Cancer Research UK.


Detailing mortality rates, Cancer Research said just 41.5% of male sufferers diagnosed between 2005 and 2009 survived more than 12 months while just 14.5% remained alive after 5 years.


“The five-year relative survival rates for brain cancer are the fourth lowest of the 21 most common cancers in England. Reasons for this relatively low survival are the often late presentation of brain tumours and the difficulty in treating them,” they explain.


“A common misconception is to treat five-year survival rates as ‘cure’ rates. However, for brain cancer survival continues to fall beyond five years after diagnosis,” they also add.















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