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Seth Troxler Agitates Against Avicii


Avicii live in Vegas (2012)



Underground house star Seth Troxler told Rolling Stone magazine he was ‘sceptical’ about the rise of EDM, this week, singling out EDM superstar Avicii for special attention.


“I would really prefer if things don’t go this way, of the Avicii’s and these guys pressing play and thinking that’s music,” the Visionquest superstar told the US magazine in an interview at Coachella.


“If Avicii was here,” he said, “I would definitely light dog shit in front of his door,” he vowed.


He also went on to warn that EDM risks destroying dance music in the same way popularity diluted rock and hip-hop, just as Paul Oakenfold commented on the same developing trend though more positively (and also to Rolling Stone.)


“I think in music there’s no boundaries,” the definitive superstar DJ declared, “I understand that house music is pop music now. Everything you’re listening to on Top 40 radio has a house beat to it,” he added.


The EDM-as-pop trend was also discussed by industry polemicist Bob Lefsetz this week who as well as celebrating how relatively ordinary he finds most superstar DJS to be (‘It’s stunning how normal they are’) suggested its impact could prove far beyond temporary.


“Yes, electronic music is a fad,” he pointed out, “(But) then again, rap is a fad that lasted decades!”













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