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75,000 Expected for New York’s Next Dance Parade (May 18)

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Michael Bloomberg is set to proclaim May 18 as ‘Dance Parade Day’ at a press conference scheduled for Monday, anticipating the 7th edition of the increasingly popular street parade.


Press reports suggested over 75,000 spectators are anticipated to watch over 10,000 dancers ‘shake, shimmy, and samba’ down Broadway next Saturday afternoon, ending up at a dance party at once notoriously dangerous Lower East Side part Tompkins Square Park.


Though nowadays endorsed by New York’s latest authoritarian Mayor, the parade’s origins in challenging the city’s notoriously puritanical anti-nightclub laws remain on the official site with a pointed reference to both Hitler’s Germany and racism in New York.


“In the 19th century, ballroom dancing was deemed devil’s work. In the 1920’s, New York City enacted the Cabaret Law to stem interracial dancing from Harlem Jazz Clubs,” the Parade’s mission statement notes.


“The 1930’s had Nazi Germany quashing Swing Dancing because it was considered anarchistic. And in 2006, a New York State Supreme Court ruled that, unlike music, theater and painting, dance was not a constitutionally protected form of expression.”


Dance Parade serves as an evolution answer to historical suppression of dance.”












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