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Barefoot Doctor Bit: Is Confessing Always a Good Idea?

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Barefoot Doctor: “It seems there are moments when you can do nothing but confess- essentially when the game reaches the stage where it’s the only move you can make. And since rare is the person who has never committed an indiscretion, it behoves us all to come to terms with whatever we’ve done, accept it, learn from it and to heal it from within.


That way, if we are ever called upon to spill the beans to a confession-hungry public, we are able to do so with authenticity and dignity and thus serve as a good example to everyone else. By doing that, it means whatever we’ve done has at least some benefit, so helping the karmic scales to remain balanced, whilst meaning the fallout won’t necessarily be intrinsically damaging even if it makes you blush a bit at the time.”


Questions by Skrufff.


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