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Barefoot Doctor Bit: Is it Possible to Become Entirely Unaffected by Others’ Deeds?

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Barefoot Doctor: ” We all exist in an interdependent web and so are always affected by the actions, words and thoughts of all others and especially those in our immediate orbits. 


The energy of the other directly acts on our own energy to produce either synergy or entropy, depending on the levels of love and positivity in the intention and energy fields of each. However, each of us has the ability to choose how to respond to incoming stimuli, whether to go down or up with it. So the best we can do is to focus on remaining centred and collected within, thus able to remain in command of the vibration within and around us.
When we’re in command of our senses we are freely able to choose to inject love into the mix, which is to be desired as this tends to grease the wheels of shared reality and cause them to turn more freely.”


Questions by Skrufff.



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