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Barefoot Doctor Bit: What’s the Best Way To Handle an Existential Crisis?

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Barefoot Doctor: “The key approach is not to try and draw any firm conclusions – attempting to come up with definitive answers to the deeper existential questions of life is a game for fools – if there is any reason we’re here in the first place, it’s to enjoy the experience and that means appreciating the existential crisis too. To which end you should simply observe yourself going through the grips of the crisis and graciously allow it to pass, as it surely will, just like a heavy storm passing in the sky of mind.


Wisdom comes in time but by trying to force it before it’s ready to drop, you only push it further away. The best way when undergoing the worst of the crisis is to focus on the simple blessings you have: a body, a mind, breath, presumably enough fluid and food for now and hopefully a bit of love – and be thankful for that – the rest is all bonus anyway.


As soon as you surrender like this to the crisis it stops of itself anyway – it just wanted to be acknowledged was all (it being the primal level of self, generally buried beneath layers of cultured-in program screaming to be heard.)



Questions by Skrufff.

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