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Berghain’s Darkness Brightens Berlin

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Der Spiegel singled out Berghain’s door picker with the ‘barbed-wire facial tattoo’ and ‘the debauchery that takes place in the club’s “dark rooms” ‘ as key factors driving the long-running techno club’s continuing success, this week, in a feature celebrating Berghain’s recent collaboration with leading German ballet company Berlin Staatsballett.


“The club has become one of the most important symbols of the new Berlin, alongside the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Berghain represents the new allure that Berlin, the party capital, holds for Europe’s youth,” the influential and respected German newspaper declared.


“This, in turn, has something to do with the excesses they seek in the club’s dark corners — not exactly the things a city usually chooses to advertise as its selling points,” they noted. (Der Spiegel )


The ballet performance (called ‘Masse’) provoked a similarly approving review in the Chicago Tribune, which paid tribute to ‘the Berghain’ and its influence on Berlin’s ‘vibrant alternative cultural scene.’


“Masse” (mass) features three performances by choreographers scored by DJs who regularly play at the Berghain,” the Tribune solemnly noted, “In a wasteland in the city’s ex-communist east which grew out of a gay, fetish joint and is known for its booming sound and hedonistic parties.” (Chicago Tribune: )


Henrik Schwarz, Marcell Dettmann, Frank Wiedemann and DIN (Efdemin (Phillip Sollmann) & Marcel Fengler) are the five ‘the Berghain’ DJs who created the music for the Masse event, which is released on June 10 via Ostgut Ton.


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