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Doomsday Prophet Facing Financial Day of Judgement



Harold Camping’s sinister End Times organisation Family Radio is running out of money, USA Today reported this week, less than two years after the 91 year old preacher predicted incorrectly (for the second time) that the world was about to be consumed by biblical flames.


Persuading followers to donate tens of millions of dollars to help prepare for a Book of Revelations style apocalypse in which just a handful would be saved, Camping created a massive network of radio stations worth $135million in 2009, USA Today reported. Spending millions of his supporters’ donations on billboard advertising campaigns announcing May 21 2011 as the End, Family Radio is now down to cash savings of just $283,000, the paper reported.


While numerous believers liquidated their life savings and gave away their assets in advance of May 21, Family Radio Board member Tom Evans revealed that Family Radio themselves weren’t quite so zealous.


“Sufficient funds were in the bank and, thankfully, we didn’t spend everything,” he admitted. “But it did force us to make quick changes.” (USA Today: )


Despite Family Radio’s apparent financial tribulations a conflicting report published in April said Camping continues to have a personal net worth of $75million, in stark contrast to the fortunes of many of his followers.


“While Camping raked in the money and put up billboards, his devotees were busy selling possessions, quitting jobs, and saying goodbye to loved ones who would be left behind after the righteous flew to Heaven,” said Heather L Wood, a neighbor of Harold, in a report by the Alameden newspaper.


“One man spent his entire life savings on bus and subway ads proclaiming Camping’s message. At least one family stopped saving for their children’s college education.” (The Alamedan: )


Harold singled out the rise of gay rights as being ‘a dramatic sign provided by God to warn the world that the world is on the threshold of Judgment Day’ before his May 21st failed prophecy in a detailed Biblical analysis outlined in ‘Gay Pride: Planned By God As A Sign Of The End’. ( )


His message has since been taken up scores more Christian organisations such as Abiding Truth Ministries, who on their website share his fascination with gays.


“Harold Camping was wrong about Judgment Day, but he was right that the rise of the homosexual movement is a sign of the end times,” says Pastor Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D.


“We are probably all familiar with the oft-cited fact that the collapse of numerous civilizations prior to our own were heralded by a rise in sexual immorality, especially homosexuality. That alone should alert us to the grave situation we find ourselves in today,” the 53-year-old Pastor warns.


“But there is a deeper spiritual significance beneath that statistic. God has chosen rampant homosexuality to be a key warning sign for judgment of the world as a whole, and not just of individual nations.” (Defend the Family: apparently NOT a parody)















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