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GHB Death Debate in London’s Vauxhall (Thursday May 9)

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Civil liberties activist Michael Peacock is staging a debate at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern next week (Thursday May 9) to highlight the continuing dangers presented by GHB and GBL.


Sleazy Michael Presents Sauna and drug club casualties’ features a panel of London nightlife luminaries including Stewart Whoo, Holestar, Dusty Limits (who hosts) and DJ Fat Tony, who Michael said inspired him originally to discuss the issue.


“Way back in late 2011 this remark posted by DJ Fat Tony via Facebook: ‘So 5 more drug related deaths in a week what does it take for you guys to wake up?’ set off a short-lived avalanche of comment, much of which was thought provoking and well informed,” he told Skrufff.


“The comments provoked me try and take the discussion beyond Facebook, however due to the interruption of a high profile court case in early 2012 which I won, and subsequent ‘events’ I had to put the idea on hold.”


The court case he referred to involved Michael becoming the first individual to have successfully pleaded ‘not guilty’ under the Obscene Publications Act in a case involving the kind of gay BDSM pornography which he published’ (Wiki)


15 months on, Michael said a blog post by Holestar ‘Stop the death drug cocktails’  prompted him to refocus on putting together next week’s debate, which also includes David Stuart from London’s only LGBT drug and alcohol service Antidote, on the panel.


David told Skrufff they had their first client reporting physical dependence in 2007 though said ‘very quickly numbers increased’.


Antidote has helped to facilitate over 400 GBL detoxes since 2007, and known of approximately 60 deaths that are likely attributable to GHB/GBL through word-of-mouth amongst clients and “scene” contacts,” he said.


“Historically, the most dangerous drugs on the planet have been heroin and crack cocaine, though these drugs are rarely associated with sex, fun or dancing,” he continued.


“Gay men in London tend to be drawn more toward the drugs that facilitate fun of some kind, and with the increasing prevalence of GBL on the scene, and its very easy potential for overdose, its very fast-track path toward dependence combined with widespread myths about its dangers, it has become a major problem on London’s bar club and sauna scene. As well as in many gay men’s homes,” he added.


Sleazy Michael Presents Sauna and drug club casualties’ is at Royal Vauxhall Tavern on Thursday May 9: from 7.30pm: click HERE for more. (“Internet dribble to the contrary, gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is?an addictive drug. Withdrawal can be severe and prolonged.


GHB addiction is characterized by around the clock dosing (every one to three hours, day/night, with heavier doses at night to achieve sleep). Addiction can develop in a few weeks. Use for four to eight months is common among the 600 GHB addicts who have come forward for help through the GHB Addiction Helpline via Others have been using for up to ten years, making it impossible to know at what point they became addicted.


Friends, spouses, and co-workers begin to observe bizarre behavior changes, frequently with no idea of the cause. Episodes may be as subtle as a single “head snap” that occurs about 15 minutes after taking a dose, or may be several minutes of twitching, strange behavior, or black outs. These episodes may occur only following the heavier nighttime doses or after virtually every dose. Thus, breaking the bathroom mirror while getting ready for bed, or being found or waking up on the bathroom floor with a bloody (or broken) nose is not uncommon as a result of the “head snap,” which may result in hitting the mirror or the edge of the sink. Frequently, the addict has no recall of such incidents.




Multiple relapses are common in the majority of GHB addiction cases. Many describe that GHB leaves a “hole in your soul.” Establishing a decent sleep pattern is often a problem. Depression, even at suicidal levels, is nearly standard. Anxiety attacks are also ongoing . . .”



GHB/ GBL: ‘Every drop counts. Whether it’s GHB or GBL there are no other drugs where dosing is so important and where tolerance does not protect you against overdose . .  .’)


Jonty Skrufff:




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