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Pet Shop Boys Return to the Dance Floor

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The Pet Shop Boys have unveiled details of the upcoming album Electric which producer Stuart Price said has been recorded in ‘Berlin, London and Los Angeles using various techniques between old school synth and drum machine programming and new school computer mangling.


Chris and Neil confirmed the album ‘is very much set on the dance floor.’


“Our latest album often evolves as a response to our previous album and, whereas ‘Elysium’ had a reflective mood, ‘Electric’ is pretty banging,” they explained. “And working with Stuart Price on a studio album is something we have wanted to do for a very long time”.


As Jacques Lu Cont, Price became one of the biggest stars of electroclash, going on to produce albums for pop stars including New Order, Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue, Take That and Madonna.


Despite establishing himself so successfully amongst the highest echelons of pop, however, he simultaneously revealed himself to be an outspoken critic of ‘superstar DJ’ culture, telling Mixmag in 2005 ‘’the glamour side of DJing has no relevance to me.’


“When DJs are more about who they’re hanging out with, who they’re shagging and what champagne they’re drinking, to me that’s the beast of dance music,” he continued.


“I hate driving round Ibiza seeing DJs posing on billboards. It makes me cringe because it means it’s become more about them and less about the people.”


Pet Shop Boys- Electric is out on July 15 on their new label x2 (via Kobalt Label Services). Click HERE to listen to new single AXIS.










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