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Peter Hook’s London Love-In (June 21)


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New Order/ Joy Division legend Peter Hook chatted to Skrufff this week about his upcoming Haçienda London event and promised ‘peace and love’ will be its key elements.


The party, takes place on June 21 at Elephant and Castle’s Coronet Theatre and boasts a heavyweight line-up of first wave superstar DJs including Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, Danny Rampling, Allister Whitehead and K Klass though Hooky said questions such as who plays warm-up slot and who plays peak will be resolved more than amicably.


“Personally I would rather go on first- less pressure,” he chuckled.


“We have worked together a lot all over the world, so we know each other very well. We did all our fighting years ago.”


So when was the last time he got involved in fisticuffs in a club?


“In the old days when I was defending myself and young ladies’ honour, it used to happen all the time,” he recalled. “Drunkenness is usually the cause but I am sober nowadays so  if anything happens I just go and get the doormen,” he laughed.


Despite his sobriety, he admitted however to having butterflies about his rare appearance down South.


“There are certainly a lot more nerves involved because it’s London,” he agreed.


“We have tried for many years to get into London and are very, very happy to have finally made it! It seems to be very, very political indeed, shall we say. But having said that, people are great wherever we go, mate. we celebrate all the great bits of Manchester and club culture, the place, the hacienda, the music. It brings out the best in everyone!”


And one last question, the flyer says you’re performing a  ‘new order electronic set’, what exactly does that entail?


“The idea is to fit more in with the dance elements of the evening,” he explains. “New Order had two different sides to their music, occasionally meeting in the middle, this time we will be featuring the dancier more electronic songs only, less rocky. I will be singing.”



Haçienda London is at the Coronet: Friday 21st June 2013 / 8pm to 4am

The Coronet


Live – Peter Hook And The Light “New Order Electronic Set”, 808 State, Super White Assassin


DJ’s : Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, Danny Rampling Jon Dasilva, Justin Robertson, Allister Whitehead, K Klass. Hooky (DJ Set), Bobby Langley









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