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Scientists Say Wifi Fears May Be Psychosomatic

Steve avoiding Wifi in Ibiza (click for more)



Researchers from Germany’s University of Mainz have suggested people’s concerns about health hazards associated with mobile phones and high-voltage power lines could be self induced and influenced by negative media coverage.


“There is a considerable body of evidence that electromagnetic hypersensitivity might actually be the result of a so-called nocebo effect,” study chief Dr Michael Witthöft told the


“The mere anticipation of possible injury may actually trigger pain or disorders. This is the opposite of the analgesic effects we know can be associated with exposure to placebos.” (The )


The German scientists reached their conclusions after more than half of the volunteers they showed a documentary to highlighting health hazards associated with Wifi then felt ill when told afterwards that they were then being exposed to Wifi signals, which in reality were fake.


Their conclusions were challenged, however, by ambient house producer Steve Miller aka Afterlife, who several years ago chatted to the Sun newspaper about becoming a ‘virtual recluse’ after developing an allergy to wifi. Four years on, Steve told Skrufff he continues to avoid wifi as much as possible.


‘Of course fear can make you sick, as the scientist points out it’s called a Nocebo,” said Steve.


“However, electrosensitivity is very real or I wouldn’t be turning down gigs all over the world in beautiful places.”


He also revealed a pragmatic attitude towards the increasing ubiquity of mobile phones and ipads.


“I dumped my cellphone 5 years ago, and since then my life quality has improved as I don’t have that silly distraction and having planned my day, I don’t need people texting me with nonsense,” he said.


“I would never use a wireless Ipad, in fact since Steve Jobs took over Mac I find they are simply toys in comparison to a 12 processor PC which I run in the studio. As for laptops, they’re a complete waste of time, and expensive too,” he suggested.


“I recommend people check out the website where they can then compare research completed by many eminent scientists and doctors with the German University research. (A Rationale for Biologically-based Public Exposure Standards for Electromagnetic Fields (ELF and RF) : Bioeffects are clearly established to occur with very low exposure levels (non-thermal levels) to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation exposures . . .”)


Artists Against Wifi;




(Do It Yourself EMF Blocker!!!)





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