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Barefoot Bit: What’s the Best Way to Handle Feelings of Worthlessness?

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Barefoot Doctor: “Through faulty training as children, we learn to base our sense of self-worth on external factors, such as looks, achievement, status, wealth, physical prowess and so on, but because all form changes over time, external reference points like these are constantly shifting.


No matter how good-looking you are, there’ll always be someone better looking, often popping up when you yourself are feeling particularly off-colour. No matter how accomplished you are, there’ll always be someone more so and so on. When the outside world is not feeding back to you sufficient recognition of your worth, low self-esteem attacks are inevitable.


You have to remind yourself that what you are is something far greater than the externals, that the externals are the tip of the iceberg, that what you are is actually an expression of nothing less than the creative force of existence and as such are as worthy of being here and taking up space as the galaxies, stars, planets, mountains and seas, let alone the other people you mistakenly regard as more worthy than you. If you’re good enough for the cosmos to take form through, you’re good enough.


Try to realize that your low self-esteem is actually inverted arrogance (for assuming you know better than the cosmos when it comes to value or worth) and get out there and express your unique beauty, your particular gift for the benefit of everyone. So instead of focusing on yourself, focus on how you can serve by being yourself and before you know it the crisis in confidence will have passed.


Questions by Skrufff.


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