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Barefoot Doctor Bit; When Should You Give Up Your Unrealistic Dreams?

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Barefoot Doctor: “As any ancient mystic or contemporary quantum physicist might tell you this entire enterprise we each subjectively perceive as reality is essentially a dream, an illusion or trick of the light produced by the play of sensory input on the mind being run through a self-constructed perceptual filter, and nothing is as it seems.


So essentially all dreams are as realistic as they’re unrealistic. Reality, in other words, is totally up for grabs, and you can do with it what you will.


So when you have an intention for a particular outcome and you nurture that intention along, faithfully, lovingly, in the fullness of time, experiential, ontological reality will mysteriously reconfigure its constituent elements to mirror your intention.


However the factors involved in such a trans-dimensional process are obviously so various, variable and manifold it’s unlikely the result will appear as imagined. But the experience you were looking for, the state of mind and feeling you wanted and were expecting the fulfilment of your dream to deliver will inevitably be made fully manifest nonetheless.


And as it’s the state of being we’re really after rather than the details we assume we want, the coalescence of which we imagine will produce the desired state for us, it’s fairly sensible to say never give up on your dream, as it’s this that provides the rudder to guide you to the state you want.


If you want to strap on a pair of wings and fly like a bird you can. If you want to walk on the moon you can. If you want to replicate the sound of the universe, stick a beat on to it and dance to it all night long you can. If you want to produce a 3D object, you can design it on screen, run it through a 3D printer and be holding it in your hand a few moments later. If you want to speak face to face with someone 12,000 kilometres away you can with no more than a few clicks or taps of the forefinger or thumb. All of these miracles started as what others thought were unrealistic dreams.


If it wasn’t for people doggedly staying true to their apparently unrealistic dreams we’d all probably still be living in caves.


By the same token because of the draw on resources the conglomeration of everyone’s dreams manifesting is currently causing and the multi-system volatility likely to result we all may be living in caves yet again before long.

Meanwhile, in summary, be faithful to your dream however unrealistic it may seem to others because one way or another, it’s the results of that, the art form (in the broader sense) that’s produced by it for everyone to enjoy and be enriched by, that you came here to contribute in the first place.”



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