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Barefoot Doctor Bit; Why Do We Want Things More When We Can’t Have Them?

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Barefoot Doctor: By definition you can only want something you haven’t got. When you’ve got something you have the option of appreciating it or not but you can’t want it because you already have it.


And therein lies the clue to letting go of wanting things you can’t have.


You reframe and realise you already have the gift of all gifts, the supreme gift of being alive as a human being with front row tickets to the best show in town (you), and that everything else, without exception, is just the decoration/stage-set/props.


So if the stage looks like this instead of that, if the action goes one way instead of another, it ultimately makes no difference because it’s still the most amazing show, the gift of life remains the same priceless jewel it always was, is and will be.


Wanting is just a mode of being, in other words, and by shifting modes to appreciating what is instead, the mind and body calm down and all is well. Here and now in the present moment, nothing is lacking.”


Questions by Skrufff.

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