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Superstar DJ for Sale for $7,000

Living the dream (click to find out how)



American travel company Pilgrimage Clubbing Tours have launched $7,000-a-head 2 week cross country clubbing tours offering ‘four nights in Vegas which will be the craziest of your life’ plus the chance to forge ‘life changing friendships that will last for an eternity’.


On Day 6, in particular (following nights at Lavo and the Bare Pool Party @ Mirage (‘Pilgrimage Advise: Get ready to be scandalous! Don’t be shy!’) patrons will be able to take advantage of Pilgrimage’s Meet & Greet A Superstar DJ’, an experience they promise will be even more special.


“A once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and greet one of the Worlds Greatest DJ’s pool side in Las Vegas,” they declare.


Hang out and get up close and personal with a Superstar! Do not let this mind-blowing experience pass you by.”


Quite who the superstar DJ is remains mysterious though judging by an article in Hint Magazine this week staying anonymous could prove tricky, at least judging by the efforts of EDM pioneers Daft Punk.


“In the digital age, keeping one’s identity a secret is an exercise in futility,” HintMag suggested.


“And so it is that this pic of Daft Punk is making the rounds. The French electro artists, who are currently enjoying a second week with a number-one album, are noshing on macaroons at their record label, Columbia, reportedly playing a game of champagne pong.” (HintMag: click to see Daft Punk not wearing helmets).



Pilgrimage Clubbing Tours: ‘You have lived your ultimate clubbing fantasy! You have lived the dream!’










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