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T Shirts With Ts for Sexual Success

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Men (and DJs) who wear white T shirts with big letter ‘T’s printed on the front can appear up to 12% more attractive to women, according to a new survey carried out by chief psychologist Nottingham Trent University.


Study Dr Andrew Dunn suggested the top of the T creates an illusion that the man has more of a V shape figure, with the fattest men analysed in the study achieving the greatest boost to their sexual powers.


“The wider barred ‘T’ seems to emphasise the upper chest when upright, which accentuates men’s ‘optimum’ shape,” Dr Dunn told the Mail, “The opposite happens when inverted.” (


The findings could cause consternation  to more flamboyant types such as techno pioneer Luke Slater who in 2007 chose to wear lipstick and eye-shadow in press pictures promoting his Fabric compilation at the time.


“And why shouldn’t a man wear lipstick, anyway? What’s wrong with that? I think there should be more lipstick in the world,” Luke told Ibiza-voice, going on to poke fun at his less image conscious peers.


“There’s always this thing about underground techno, that the people who make it shouldn’t be seen, it should be very underground ? it should all be very jeans and T-shirts,” he complained.


“I’ve never really been into that. Right from the start, I really wanted to glamorize things.” (Ibiza-voice: )








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