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Barefoot Doctor Bit; How Can You Best Handle Unplanned/ Unwanted Extraordinary Catastrophic Life Changes?

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Barefoot Doctor: “It’s obviously different with everyone but all boils down to how attached you are to the drama of it all and hence how willing you are to let it go – and when I say drama I mean primarily, even before the external action, that play of emotions and thoughts within as you react to the situation.


The more able you are to sink back inside, leaning up against your own shoulder blades, spine, hip bones, and sacrum, and let your mind sink into the back of your skull, the more easily you’re able to take command of the drama going on in the front of you (the emotion-churn in your belly, and mental noise in the forebrain), rather than it take command of you.


So that when in the midst of severe emotional pain, grief, panic or whatever, you’re able to bear witness to it relatively impartially, rather than get lost in self-pity and the general drama of tragedy.


Not in a cold or brutal way – to the contrary, always with the utmost compassion towards yourself. This doesn’t make the pain stop but enables you to heal while the pain subsides, which all pain does eventually in the fullness of time.


This isn’t theoretical – I’ve been spending a lot of time with a very close friend who recently experienced one of the biggest tragedies imaginable and have born witness to a miracle of healing based on this approach.


Pragmatically speaking, training yourself to keep breathing – fully, deeply, slowly, all the while, and to keep softening the muscles of the body, lest they get rigid, will help you ride the waves of pain rather than be drowned by them.


Behind all this is implicit that no matter how horrible, no matter how little sense it all makes, somehow or other everything that happens, happens to produce the evolutionary progress required in the general sense – all pain eventually leads to release – and eventually a return to the state of joy for the gift of being alive to watch the show unfold.”


Questions by Skrufff.

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