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Barefoot Doctor Bit: How Can You Tell if a Person is For or Against You?

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Barefoot Doctor  “At the deepest level we all know when someone’s energy is supportive or retractive – we feel it deep down behind the belly: subtly warm and comfortable when the other is instinctually supportive, subtly cold and scratchy when it’s not.


However, we get easily distracted and excited by the surface show put on by others and mistake that excitement, which we feel in the chest, for the warmth we should be feeling in the belly.


So even though at the instinctual level we’re feeling cold and scratchy about the other we don’t notice because of the obfuscating effect of the heat of the excitement. And that’s why we mistake foe for friend.


So the key is to learn to remain so attuned to what’s going on deep in your own belly you notice immediately what you’re feeling around someone. That requires developing sensitivity and mindfulness and the capacity for remaining centered while transacting with others.


And you have to keep doing it even with those you know well or think you know well, because for all sorts of reasons of personal gain, greed, fear, ambition, envy, or pride for instance, betrayal is always a possibility.


It helps learning to take it all on a transpersonal level rather than personally, learning to see life as theater with various preset stories that have to be acted out one way or another regardless of the actual identities of the characters playing the prescribed roles.


Ultimately the only relationship you can truly count on for undying support is the one with yourself. Paradoxically the more supportive of yourself you become, the more those around you mirror that by supporting you too.


Questions by Skrufff.

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