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Barefoot Doctor Bit: What’s the Best way to Get Over Being Disrespected?

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Barefoot Doctor: “The most important thing is to respect yourself, as in respecting your own value as a human being.


Respect means literally to see again. Take a moment each day to see yourself again – to use your panoramic intelligence, your facility for enjoying the broad perspective, to acknowledge yourself as the wonder of nature you actually are and to appreciate your own value for all the gifts you uniquely bring to the mix.


By and by, with regular application this builds up a deposit of self-respect strong enough to withstand with equanimity others failing to show you respect and grants you the perspective to understand that this merely arises from a deficit of good manners on their part rather than any deficit of value on your part.


As your self-respect grows you’re more able to see all transactions as the dynamics of living theater, wherein the various characters play their roles and sometimes the action demands you play the role and experience the sensations of being the disrespected one. This helps you take it, them and yourself less personally and hence more able to brush it off and get on with the show.


On a deeper level you can even inwardly thank them for reminding you to redouble your focus on building self- respect.


And once your self-respect levels are strong enough others automatically mirror that by being respectful towards you anyway.


The subtext is that even when it hurts or feels uncomfortable or disquieting at the hands of others life is still the gift of all gifts and a privilege to experience.”



Questions by Skrufff.


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