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Boy George’s Villa Robbed In Ibiza




Thieves broke into Boy George’s Ibiza villa last week as the 80s icon turned jetsetter DJ went out to dinner to celebrate the birthday of his DJ partner Marc Vedo, prompting an angry outburst from George on Twitter.



“We had our villa robbed in Ibiza,” he revealed, ”The island is notorious for it but it’s the first time since 1986 and it sucks!”


Marc Vedo labelled the criminals #assholes#”.


“I wasn’t going to tweet anything until we left Ibiza for fear of a second break-in but our villa @BoyGeorge was robbed whilst on holiday,” said Marc. “They also stole all my shoes, but not my wife’s shoes. . .”


The latest VIP robbery came a year after robbers stole a Rolex and thousands of EUROs from fellow British pop star Jay Kay from Jamiroquai as he partied at Space on the first night of his vacation.


“He had literally arrived at the villa and gone straight out. When he returned the villa had been robbed so the thieves must have seen them arriving,” a publicist for Kay told the Daily Mail soon afterwards.


“Jay had a pretty unpleasant experience,” she added. “When we booked the villa they didn’t tell us that they had previously been robbed. We wish they had, as Jay would have been more vigilant.”


Local security company outline basic precautions for tourists including checking every single window and door is locked before leaving and in particular never using unlicensed taxis (a major problem on the island, where just 250 cab drivers are formally licensed.


“Just like London, once the drivers know you are staying in a tourist villa they will tell their friends and there is a strong possibility you will be robbed when you are out,” they recommend, “Licensed Taxis are white or carry SP plates.” ( )


In more Ibiza crime news, a 21 year old Irishman was recovering in hospital after being stabbed in his stomach and head after he rugby tackled a thug to try and stop a fight in Ibiza.


Darren Higgins told the Irish Independent he’s acted on instinct to grab the attacker who turned on him and slashed him 20cm across his belly.


“To be honest, I don’t think it’s sunk in yet how lucky I’ve been,” said Darren from his hospital bed, “I was just trying to do the right thing and stop a fight.” (Independent; )


IbizaSecurity; (‘For 100% security your group can hire a security guard to watch the house for 19 Euros per hour.  For further info call our manager or book online before you arrive . . .’)







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