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IPM Roma 2013- Awakenings Chief- DJs Who Don’t Produce Are Over (interview)

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Skrufff are supporting the annual IPM conference in Rome and as part of our link-up will be running a series of Q&A with some of the key characters involved in this year’s event.


Maarten van Beusekom from acclaimed Dutch techno festival Awakenings will be speaking on the ‘Successful Ecosystems: The Netherlands, ADE and 25 years of Dance Music’ panel so what’s the best way DJs attending IPM should catch his attention.


“Don’t give me CDS. Email me and send the two best tracks you’ve made,” he recommends.


“Please also note that I only consider booking new artists for Awakenings if they are already producing,” he continues.


“Hopefully that’s a stimulus that will encourage artists to be more creative. The time for a DJ to operate exclusively as a DJ is more or less over.”



Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): Starting with Italy, the country’s long had a strong techno scene, what’s your view of its scene and talent coming out right now?


Maarten van Beusekom (Awakenings): “Italy has a long history in dance music for sure, from techno  stars such as Marco Carola, Mauro Picotto, Rino Cerrone and Parisio to newer heroes such as Joseph Capriati. They’ve all had- and continue to have- influence on techno today while new heroes are also coming through. I think events in Italy are improving in quality and becoming more professional.”


Skrufff: What’s your view of the importance of conferences in general these days? How much relevance do they have for Awakenings?


Maarten van Beusekom (Awakenings): “It’s always good to see people in the scene outside the usual venue/festival situation. You are able to chat about issues without any distractions and of course make new contacts. For Awakenings/us it is good to show your face and get in touch with people you normally don’t see much.”


Skrufff: The last 2 years has seen this EDM explosion in the States: how much has Awakenings been affected by that?


Maarten van Beusekom (Awakenings): “For now, not that much. We are focussed on the ‘techno underground’, which is still underground in the US. This will also change in the future, though, of that I am sure. We’ve increasingly noticed that artists want to be at Awakenings and don’t want to miss it because they find it’s very important for their profile, music and (Dutch) fanbase. As long as we maintain the high quality of our events, we’re confident the artists will come.”


Skrufff: How much do you view Awakenings as more than just a festival?


Maarten van Beusekom (Awakenings): “Awakenings is an all-in experience, from its AAA line-up to our massive production and the comfortable event experience for the visitors. This overall picture makes Awakenings a perfect event.”














Jonty Skrufff:

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