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IPM Roma 2013- Mixmag (Breakfast With Timmy Regisford . . .) (interview)

Nick speaks on the 'Crowd surfing' panel on Friday: click for more details



Skrufff are supporting the annual IPM conference in Rome and as part of our link-up will be running a series of Q&A with some of the key characters involved in this year’s event.


Infamous conference party animals Nick Decosemo and Digby from Mixmag partied characteristically hard at IPM 2012 and are returning for another session this week.




Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): You’re both busy chaps; why have you decided to return to IPM for another year? (What exactly are you doing this year?)


Nick DeCosemo: “We were looked after so well and had such a fun time last year we simply had to come back. Because IPM is a smaller event it has a real family feel to it. Being involved last year did, in no way, seemed like work . . .”


Digby: “We’re doing a live stream of the pool party on Sunday for MixmagTV.  So that’s a great excuse to enjoy the Italian hospitality, evenings of soulful electronic music overlooking the city, interesting panels and great food.”


Skrufff: What were some of the highlights of last year?


Nick DeCosemo: “The pool party; watching a jazz band and eating delicious food while overlooking the Colosseum on a balmy evening; the party on the top of the hill overlooking the city – simply breathtaking; Rome in general – truly the Eternal City. A drunk CeCe Rogers mistakenly trying to get into our room, thinking it was his. Eating Rice Krispies at breakfast with Timmy Regisford.”


Digby: “The Sunday pool party blew our mind. Timmy Regisford’s sunset set.”


Skrufff: How important are conferences these days for club culture/ EDM/ Mixmag?


Nick DeCosemo: “Very important. It’s where the industry meets, does deals and discusses new ideas. They are also where some of the biggest parties for regular clubbers happen. From ADE to WMC to Sonar to IPM, punters are more and more inclined to plan a big party trip around a conference.”


Digby: “The amount of great collaborations and business contacts we make at these places is what makes it. In a growing dance music industry, for a media brand, it’s important you recognise worldwide scenes and DJs. The conferences are where you meet the guys that you go on to make documentaries about, sort streams with, do featurtes on and consequently grow together.”


Skrufff: You both infamously out-drunk the Russians in Sochi; what challenges will you be considering taking on in Roma?


Nick DeCosemo: “Sochi almost killed us and made us take a long hard look at how we have been living our lives. Expect lots of yoga, meditation and tofu from us at IPM. Oh, and buckets of the finest Montepulciano.”


Digby: “Ha! For better or worse we certainly made our mark in Sochi. I think if there’s a rerun of that in Rome we’ll be chased by Interpol.”


Skrufff: What advice would you have for someone who’s not been to IPM before?


Nick DeCosemo: “Don’t worry. Just go with the flow. It’s like a family – you will be very well looked after and come away with some great friends.”


Digby: “Relax into the Italian way of life. They’re not massive stress heads like the Brits so leave that at customs.”


Skrufff: What’s been your most embarrassing conference moment?


Nick DeCosemo: “Now you know I can’t answer that question . . .”


Digby: “ADE. Interview of Joris Voorn scheduled in the radio room. I’m so battered I can’t speak. So I get more battered hoping that will help the conversation. It didn’t. Cue most awkward interview ever and not only could I not speak to the guy, I couldn’t really see him. He was cool though. At the end of the day, dance music is about having fun and going a little nuts. If anyone in the industry frowns on that then they should have gone into banking.”


Skrufff: Anything else to add?


Nick DeCosemo: “Really looking forward to coming back to IPM and hanging out with everybody again this year!”





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