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Loco Dice- Don’t Believe the EDM Hype



Tech-house superstar DJ Loco Dice blamed ignorant journalists for generating the EDM explosion in an interview with Defected this week, suggesting it’s too difficult for many to penetrate- and understand- the underground tech-house-deep scenes.


“Believe me maybe in a year EDM is out and everyone is digging for someone else. This is why we do not belong to EDM, we have been doing our shit for 20 years and longer and it’s working,” the Dusseldorf producer declared.


“And it’s working because even if sometimes one of our people or a type of our music get the hype, we always kill the hype by playing different or doing something else.”


His comments appeared just days after Morocco based music journalist Cyrus Bozorgmehr from Dutch EDM magazine DJBroadcast launched a similar broadside against club culture bloggers and rival dance music magazines singling out Mixmag for special attention.


“You will see an interesting take on the scene, side by side with a puff piece about some god awful ‘star’ as the magazines struggle to stay in business and keep as wide an audience as possible engaged,” he snarled.


“There seems to be a general nervousness about engaging on deeper levels  across dance music media and so many interviews are reduced to either PR questions about the new single or Smash Hits style questions about ‘most embarrassing moments,” Cyrus added. (Dj Broadcast: ) (Cyrus on Facebook)





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