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NASA Discover 10,000th Near Earth Object

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US Space Agency NASA announced this week that they’ve now identified more than 10,000 asteroid and comets that can pass close to Earth, though warned that much work remains to be done to prevent the risk of cataclysmic impact.


“Finding 10,000 near-Earth objects is a significant milestone,” said Lindley Johnson, program executive for NASA’s Near-Earth Object Observations Program at NASA Headquarters, Washington.


“But there are at least 10 times that many more to be found before we can be assured we will have found any and all that could impact and do significant harm to the citizens of Earth.” 


The agency also unveiled details of a crowdsourcing campaign hoping to enlist the support of the public to detect and track potentially dangerous meteorites as part of the US government’s ongoing series of ‘Grand Challenges’. ( )


“This is really a call to action to find all asteroid threats to human populations and know what to do about them,” NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver told The Washington Post.











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