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Spectator Magazine Blames Politicians for Drug Deaths

Mixmag; Green Rolex blamed for recent drug deaths (click for more)



Influential British current affairs magazine the Spectator blamed the deaths of seven young people who’d taken adulterated ecstasy on the War on Drugs this week asking ‘How many more must die for a bankrupt idea?’


Accusing politicians of being more interested in ‘scolding Britain’s young people’ than saving lives, Spectator columnist Alex Massie said parliamentarians should also be recognised as culpable.


“They may only be secondarily responsible but they cannot wish their responsibility away,” he said, “Because these deaths, horrid as they are, must be the obvious, oft-noted, consequence of prohibition.”


The article appeared days before Vice magazine published a report on the growing global influence of Mexico’s terrifying brutal Zeta organisation in which US drug expert Colonel Bob Killebrew suggested the Zetas ‘have the potential to seriously challenge our civilisation’.


“I think that they represent a new kind of 21st century criminal,” the Colonel continued.


“They have tonnes of money, they have innovation and they’re totally ruthless. They operate outside even the informal laws that crime used to follow.” 


His assessment of the power criminal groups like the Zetas continue to gain from Prohibition matched precisely the views of Russian crime expert Lev Timofeev, which were reproduced in Misha Glenny’s excellent book on organised crime McMafia in 2008.


“Prohibiting a market means placing a prohibited but dynamically developing market under the total control of criminal corporations,” the former Soviet  dissident auhor and mathematician turned  respected international crime analyst noted.


“Prohibiting a market means giving the criminal corporations opportunities and resources for exerting a guiding and controlling influence over whole societies and nations,” he said.









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