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Technoviking Filmmaker Seeks Funds

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The independent filmmaker whose video of a shirtless musclebound raver dancing on the street at Berlin’s Fuck Parade in 2000 became one of the first Youtube videos to go globally viral has launched a crowd-funding campaign to make a documentary about the Technoviking’ phenomena.


Writing on, Berlin based videomaker Matthias Fritsch describes how the video’s success became a ‘world famous internet’ meme, before engulfing him in legal problems when the character of the video emerged.


“My “Kneecam No.1″ became famous in the early years of YouTube, some 6 years ago. Shot in the year 2000 at a parade in Berlin and published as an experimental film questioning reality, it was unknown for many years… until somebody linked to it on a Latino porn site, it was reposted by somebody else in a forum, and it suddenly exploded,” says Fritsch.



“In 2009, almost a decade after it was first posted, the video’s protagonist emerged and sued me for uncleared personality rights and tried to remove Technoviking from the web. Of course, with so many copies and versions out there, this was an impossible request. Not only did he demand the original video be removed, he demanded that all of the user content, comics, and even the fingerpointing pose of Technoviking be removed from the internet.”


Fritsch said donors will be able to have an ‘exclusive dinner’ with him for €600 (‘yes, I am a good cook!’)  and for €1,500 make their own video.


“I will send you instructions how to take pictures of yourself, use them in pos-production and you will get the original Technoviking Video,” he promises.


“But instead of the original protagonist it will be you rocking down the streets, looking like a Technoviking!”












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