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Barefoot Doctor Bit; What Should You Do Next If Positive Thinking Fails?

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Barefoot Doctor: “Positive thinking never fails. The key is not to limit reality too much with your positive thoughts or visualizations. You have to give reality all the space it needs to perform optimally for you. So rather than limit reality by specifying a particular event, situation or object of desire, go for the feeling you want from achieving your object of desire.


For instance that project or job you want to succeed with – look to the feeling of success in it would give you. Then intend to feel that way, come what may. Your subconscious mind will produce that feeling as a result. Reality will then shunt all the on-the-ground details into place to facilitate and justify that feeling for you without you having to do anything about other than keep being as excellent as you can as you live your everyday life.


Ultimately, what we all want is to feel peaceful inside at the deepest level. That’s why we go after all the things we think we want – to produce that sense of peace we had sucking on the mother’s nipple as a baby. But we get so caught up in the excitement and fear of chasing after the things we imagine will produce that peace for us, we forget it was peace we were after in the first place.


In short, be positive about attaining peace in your life, in each and every moment and all the rest, all the details, will be added by themselves. And you won’t care how reality shapes up to do that for you because you’ll be feeling the peace anyway.”



Questions by Skrufff.


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