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Circo Loco Shooting in Birmingham

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One man was shot and left fighting for his life at Circo Loco’s Arena party last weekend, after gunmen stormed the high profile tech-house event at the Rainbow Warehouse.


Detective Inspector Justin Spanner said in a statement following the shooting that “This is a very serious crime which must have been very frightening for clubbers to witness.”


“The motive for the attack remains unclear but initial enquiries indicate this was a targeted attack and that the gunman escaped on foot,” he added.


Scores of revellers took to Facebook afterwards with some complaining that Britain’s entire underground house scene has been invaded recently by gangs and thugs.




“All deep house events have a vile vibe now,” said Becci Ferguson. “(It was the) same with Saturday at Eastern Electrics, so many arseholes kicking about compared to the rest of the weekend!”


Carlos Bfg Campbell agreed.


“It wasn’t Birmingham people that were involved it was out of towners,” he claimed.


.”You cannot avoid a gun getting in if the doors get rushed. Yes house has become a meathead dance.


It is not a reflection on Freedom/Rainbow/Birmingham/ Circoloco. It’s the same all over the country. (I) was down Eastern Electrics last Saturday and the same House Gangsters were there. park life circoloco tent also,” he added.


Birmingham City University criminologist David Wilson, coincidentally chatted about the reasons why so many urban violent crimes including murder are committed in an interview with the BBC and highlighted ‘the emotional triggers – or “foreground factors”, that provoke many to become violent.


“Murder is usually about the loss of face; it’s about young men in circumstances in which there’s some kind of conflict that results in one of those young men wanting to extract revenge,” he said.











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