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Cocaine Keeps You Thin (But Crack Keeps You Fat)

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A new Cambridge University study has discovered that cocaine keeps some regular users thin by provoking ‘a profound metabolic alteration’ which reverses when they give up meaning they can gain ten or twenty kilos.


“We were surprised how little body fat the cocaine users had in light of their reported consumption of fatty food,” study chief Dr Karen Ersche told the Independent.


“It seems that regular cocaine abuse directly interferes with metabolic processes and thereby reduces body fat.” (Independent; )


The report was published just as US crack cocaine expert and Columbia University neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Carl Hart blamed ‘drug war propaganda’ for many of the super-destructive stereotypes associated with crack cocaine, in an interview about drug myths with Alternet.


“People have this notion in their minds that folks who smoke crack are very skinny, but it’s actually a weak appetite suppressant,” Dr. Hart told AlterNet,


“The kids on Adderall are getting more of an appetite suppressant than cocaine.”


He also dispelled the common perception that crack users never sleep.


“It’s one of the best drugs to take and party at night,” he suggested, “because you can actually go to sleep.” (Alternet: ) (‘All types of cocaine are addictive, but by reaching the brain very quickly freebase or crack tend to have a much stronger effect and be more addictive than snorted powder cocaine . . . When the effects start to wear off, people experience a long ‘comedown’, when they feel depressed and run down. This crash can happen for days afterwards . . .’)
















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