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Fidelity Kastrow Live @ Sisyphos on Pioneer DJ Radio (Sunday 19.00 CET)


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Germany Calling presenter and Berlin DJ Fidelity Kastrow delivers the DJ mix on the new 2 hour Germany Calling this week, providing a one-hour live mix recorded recently at the Berlin underground playground Sisyphos (where she is a resident DJ).


Fidelity’s DJ mix broadcasts for the first time this weekend (Sunday 25 August 19.00-21.00 CET: 18.00 London time) then will be added to the Germany Calling Mixcloud page in several week’s time




Skrufff: Tell us about the set; what was the setting, location, vibe and mood you were in when you were playing?


Fidelity Kastrow: “I played at Sisyphos’ warehouse type indoors floor called ‘Hammahalle, it’s a big industrial hall from a former abandoned dog food factory placed at Rummelsburg . .  one of the few bits left in East Berlin that still have that post World War II / post Cold War feel . Being there is a bit like time-travelling to the 90s ! I myself was in a Ninja-Amazona-Calling-All-Wonderland-Warriors type mood . . . hammering it out in the big holy hall . . .”


Skrufff: What is it about techno that interests you?


Fidelity Kastrow: “I’ve always loved loud and bombastic music . . . even as a small child where I was mostly exposed to classical music- and techno has touched me deeply since the first time I discovered it. I experience techno as very liberating for me and I love to scream along to it at the top of my lungs when it comes to a peak.


It really helps me deal with feelings of anger and aggression while it’s also strangely spiritual to me- the trance-like mindset that sets in after being immersed inside a steady, somewhat monotonous, beat that I can feel vibrating and pumping throughout my body, wrapped in the comfort of being surrounded by like-minded souls . . . I process a lot of thoughts and feelings when I spin . . . and when I’m able to connect to the crowd it’s a wonderful feeling of understanding and unity: If that doesn’t sound too pompous. HAHA!”


Skrufff: Asking about Sisyphos; what makes the club stand out from others- how does it compare to other places you play?


Fidelity Kastrow: “Sisyphos is super special to me, it’s full of witches and wizards and vast amounts of magical energy. It has this Gaia energy somehow, it’s difficult to put into words. It’s a unique, very underground and somewhat wild location with amazing decoration and light installations that change all the time, so it’s like going to a new club everytime. It’s also a very friendly, kind and generous atmosphere. I don’t know of any current places that can compare.”



Fidelity’s DJ mix broadcasts for the first time this weekend (Sunday 25 August 19.00-21.00 CET) then will be added to the Germany Calling Mixcloud page shortly afterwards









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