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German DJ in Moscow Hell-Hole Jail Appeal

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A crowd sourcing campaign launched to raise funds to cover the legal fees of Moscow based German DJ/ promoter Nik Lisak has raised just over EUR6,500 with two weeks left before the campaign runs out.


Free Nik urges people to donate from 10EUR upwards to help pay for his ‘lawyers, for consultants, for experts . . .”


“As many of you probably already know, our friend Nik has some major trouble. He desperately needs help from you, his friends, to prevent him from ending up in some unhuman (sic) Russian hole for the next years or even decades,” the campaign says.


“Unfortunately, it will be expensive to avoid this dark scenario – so expensive that Nik and his family can’t bear all the expenses.”


The crowd-funding appeal avoids mentioning any specifics of Nik’s predicament though according to a report on, he has been detained in one of Moscow’s pre-trial detention centers since January when he was arrested as he DJed at a Moscow party.


According to the article, police seized him after allegedly discovered ‘100 grams of ecstasy, 17 grams of cocaine and 1.5 grams of amphetamine’ in his possession though they have since only charged him with possession offences rather than dealing.


Moscow’s pre-trial detention centers are renowned for over-crowding, brutality and disease, with Moscow News recently reporting that ‘conditions are often far worse even than in prison colonies’.


“Many try to get through the system as quickly as possible,” Moscow lawyer Alexander Glushenkov told the News, Because the colonies are safer, they’re calmer.” 


“Please try to put yourself in Nik’s position and take all this seriously – his situation almost couldn’t be worse and he depends on your support,” Nik’s pledge page stresses, “ANY DONATION HELPS!”


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