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Metrosexual Handymen Seduced By ‘Sexy’ Leatherman

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Australian multi-tool manufacturer Leatherman have launched a 24 carat gold new edition of their Swiss Army penknife style device, which prompted news portal to ask  ‘who says a multi-tool can’t be sexy?’


Suggesting the AUS$ 500 device has been designed for ‘metrosexual handyman, the site was otherwise ambiguous, declaring ‘we can’t say that we approve of such gaudy DIY bling-bling’.


“We’re big fans of Leatherman here at Lifehacker,” they added, “However, we think we’d probably draw the line at a gold-plated version, although that may be because we’re not hip enough.”


Details of the new metrosexual friendly knife emerged just as another report by Skincare company highlighted the rise of metrosexual males in Russia, prompting a boost in male perfume sales accompanied by  ‘blurring  (of the) boundaries between female and male fragrances’.


However, such blurring could prove problematic after top Trans-Baikal lawmaker Alexander Mikhailov proposed additional legislation authorising soldiers to hunt down suspected gays, after Russian authorities passed laws banned “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.”


“I would like to call upon all fair-minded people to look at this shame,” said Mr Mikhailov in a statement given to a Russian press agency about a number of European countries recently legalising gay marriage.


‘We have to deal with such things,” he urged.


‘There should be a law where paratroopers will given the right to catch gays in the streets and drag them to town squares where Cossacks would lash their asses with whips,” he suggested. ( )









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