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Music Fatwa Cleric Denies Listening to Music




‘Music is un-Islamic’ fatwa cleric Grand Mufti Bashir-ud-din Ahmad denied being a hypocrite this week after a video posted on Youtube appeared to show him listening to and allegedly enjoying live music.


The Kashmir Grand Mufti previously outlawed listening to music when he forced India’s first all-girl rock band ‘Pragaash’ to quit earlier this yeat, though was defiant this week, despite being caught on camera allegedly sitting comfortably at a gathering where a musician played a harmonium.


“There was no music at that function,” he insisted, claiming the music was a ghazal (devotional song).“It was a seminar and there was nothing wrong in my attending that seminar. I will initiate legal action against the people who are defaming me,” the Grand Mufti vowed.


“If you think we will allow girls to dance and sing, that’s not going to happen,” he also added.


In more fatwa news, sharia committees in rebel held areas of Syria have reportedly have banned women from wearing make-up and tight clothes in recent weeks, as well as this week croissants.


Rebels in Aleppo issued the latest fatwa on the basis the tasty French snack’s ‘crescent shape celebrates European victory over Muslims’ and are ‘colonial’, reported ( )












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