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Stephen Mallinder (Cabaret Voltaire) DJ Mix on Pioneer DJ Radio (30 August)



Electronic music pioneer Stephen Mallinder (aka Mal) of Cabaret Voltaire renown delivers the DJ mix on the new 2 hour Germany Calling this week, providing a one-hour live mix recorded at his home studio in Brighton.


Mal’s DJ mix broadcasts for the first time on Pioneer DJ Radio this weekend (Friday August 30: show starts at 14l.00 CET/ the mix airs at 15.00).


Then again on Sunday 1 September 19.00-21.00 CET: 18.00 London time) after which it will be added to the Germany Calling Mixcloud page in several week’s time



Skrufff (Jonty Skrufff): What did you use to record the mix with and what approach did you take (does the mix have any particular meaning or theme or story beneath it?)


Mal: “I mixed it all in real time using a Numark VJ mixer. Sadly I have thousands of pieces of vinyl still in storage, and I’ve never really used CDs – when I moved to Brighton space was at a premium and I wasn’t DJing out much so I shifted to digital mixing. But at least it’s all live. Half way through it did occur to me if I mess up here I’ll have to do an edit in Ableton which I was reluctant to do – I like the idea of live mixing and am reluctant to do too much synching in the mix. And I like to be able to throw things in live so didn’t want it too ‘ordered’.


I could have gone down any pathway but tried to keep it pretty electronic – I played for the Mark Lecky opening a few weeks ago and played a 60’s TV theme set – lot’s of jazz breaks and old adverts over the top.”


Skrufff: How much do you consider DJing an artform and DJs as artists?


Mal: Difficult to pin me down on this as I think there’s a lot of crap connected to it – software has made it fool-proof and let’s face we’re all DJs in some way. But you’re as good as the tunes you’re playing and that’s still the case. I think if you make music it’s just part of the process.


I miss the old vinyl and perhaps the more interesting aspects of DJing have moved way from that tradition so I’m not best placed to answer – I was chatting to a young turntablist and it was fascinating how Serato was being integrated into those vinyl skills. Online battles and such. But it can still be fun so I occasionally get up there.”


Skrufff: How much has the rise of EDM in the States changed your life – or refocused attention on the Cabs? (if at all?)


Mal: It would be nice to think so but I don’t know how many EDM people actually make the connection . . . My royalty statements suggest not.”


Tracklisting (recorded in Brighton, July 2013):


Louis & Bebe Barron – “Main Titles Overture” (Poppydisc)

Tonto’s Expanding Head Band – “Timewhys” (Prog Temple)

The Chromatics – “Tick of the Clock” – Drive Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Lakeshore Records)

DJ Harvey  – “Flying Ping-Pong “(International Feel)

Factory Floor – “Lying”  (Blast First Petite)

Girls Names – “Projektions” – Factory Floor, Gabe Gurnsey Remix (Tough Love/Slumberland)

Daphni – “Ye Ye” (Jiaolong)

Throbbing Gristle – “Hot On the Heels of Love” (Industrial)

Benge/Wrangler – “Heavy Petting” (Pre-Release)

Wrangler – “Mode Three” (Pre-Release)

Louis & Bebe Barron – “LA Shangri-La In The Desert  / Garden With A Cuddly Tiger” (Poppydisc)

Barbara Randolph – “Satellite” (Unknown)

Bomb the Bass – “Time Falls Apart”  – Paul Conboy Remix (O Solo Recordings)

Morgan Geist – “Detroit “ (Environ)

Morgan Geist/Carl Craig – “Detroit” – c2RMX1 By Carl Craig (Environ)

Metro Area – “Caught Up” (Source)


Additional Sounds from Space Race archives: 












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