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Animal Prints Terrify Animals

scary leopard print man in blackpool- click for more



Management at safari park Chessington World of Adventures have ordered customers to refrain from wearing fake animal print clothing after zookeepers noticed lions, tigers and even giraffes mistaking visitors for predators and also on occasion prey.


The latest ban followed earlier sanctions preventing people from taunting apes by coming dressed up in in fancy dress gorilla costumes.


Animal psychologist Candy D’S told the newspaper that zoo creatures often study humans as closely with animal prints potentially ‘triggering some kind of instinct’ as well as how people walk and carry themselves.


“Big cats will start getting interested if someone limps past their enclosure because they look weak,” she explained.


“Possibly the worst thing you could do is limp past the lion or tiger enclosure in a zebra print outfit.” (Guardian: )


The ban could prove problematic given the increasing ubiquity of leopard print products which was highlighted by US personal security company Taser International in 2008 when they launched a range of designer leopard skin stun guns.


“Personal protection can be both fashionable and functional. These new products are a result of listening to our customers.” Taser International founder Rick Smith explained at the time.


“The TASER C2 leopard print design provides a personal protection option for women who want fashion with a bite,” he added.



 (Leopard print caveman costume- click to buy) (How to avoid being mugged: ‘Walk with a sense of purpose. If you are wandering aimlessly or look lost you are more likely to become a target . . . Asking for the time is a classic trick used by muggers to distract victims and locate valuables. Looking down or putting a hand in a pocket leaves you vulnerable to attack. You can check the time, but keep an eye on the person who asked you . . .’)









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